November 27, 2010

Wondering What Happened In The PeTA Competition?

Vassar was selected to participate in PeTA's Most Vegan-Friendly School competition this year, but unfortunately we didn't make it past the round two. Northwestern eventually won the final round. Our school received an honorable mention (tenth place) and got this write-up on PeTA's website:

"Considered one of the most competitive schools when it comes to admissions, it's easy to see why so many prospective students are storming the gates to get into Vassar's upstate New York campus. Black-bean burgers, vegan chicken salad, spicy tofu, and vegan pudding are just a few of the many compassionate choices that students have available to them on campus. Throw in one of the nation's preeminent student organizations, the Vassar Animal Rights Coalition (VARC), and it's clear that getting into this top liberal-arts school isn't going to be getting easier any time soon."


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