November 13, 2010

Your Full Yeasayer Round-Up

People began lining up for last night's Yeasayer concert, which was the biggest concert of the semester, at around 7pm last night. ViCE let people in at 7:45 and everyone filled up the front ten rows of the chapel. There was a slow stream of people entering during the first opener, Ken Seeno, who played looped instrumental music, after which the concert goers applauded politely.

By the end of Seeno's set, the venue had filled up significantly. The lights went down and after a longer-than-necessary break, French Horn Rebellion said something along the lines of, "Are you guys ready to dance?" People jumped out of their seats and within minutes had filled the front section between the stage and the pews. Others stood on the seats in the pews. The members of FHR were excited to open for Yeasayer, "Heading up to Vassar to play drums with @frenchhornrebel. Opening for Yeasayer!" tweeted Savoir Adore.

FHR's set wasn't without drama. Around their third song, one of the band members attempted to stage dive into the crowd, but went down immediately. He was fine, but had hurt one unlucky female junior, who then had a difficult time navigating her way out of the crowd. More drama came towards the end of the set when a keyboard broke. FHR acknowledged the mishaps, but still had a great time. "Tried crowd surfing but got dropped... keyboard broke, but Vassar, it was still AMAZING:)" the group tweeted.

18-year-old rapper Dominique Young Unique arrived from her hotel just as FHR was leaving the stage. Her DJ wasn't able to make it, so she had to use backing tracks played off of an iPod, which may have contributed to the poor sound quality. Regardless of the beats, Dominique got the crowd going. "omg dominique young unique is killingggg it" tweeted one Vassar senior. Another concert goer, however, was less than impressed, tweeting, "God knows why they put a terrible female rapper on before Yeasayer. That bitch was a diet Queen Pen. UGH. Vassar kids have bad taste. #Fail."

Thirty minutes after Dominique finished, Yeasayer took the stage. 

The crowd in front appeared to consist of more die-hard fans than at previous chapel shows like Beirut and Grizzly Bear. People were singing along and genuinely enthused when each song began.
The group finished their with their most popular song, Ambling Alp, and then retreated backstage where they talked about the sound quality - two of them said it was terrible, one of them said it was good - and decided on how many songs to do for their encore. They returned moments later and closed with an additional song.

"Last minute decision to go to Yeasayer was a good one. STICK UP FOR YOURSELF, SON," a concert goer tweeted, quoting "Ambling Alp."