December 19, 2010

Alumna and Other Vassar Acts In SPIN's "Best Of"

Spin magazine came out with its "Best of 2010" issue and we were pleased to find that many of the acts had performed at Vassar, including Vassar alumna band Beach House.

Beach House, fronted by Victoria Legrand '03, came in at #17. Writes Spin: "On the year's most Kubla Khan-like dose of dream pop, the group's previously hazing songwriting components cohere to great effect." The band came to Vassar last fall to open for Grizzly Bear.

Yeasayer, who of course played Vassar's most recent big show, are listed at #12.

Vampire Weekend (#11), M.I.A. (#8), and Deerhunter (#2), all of which played Vassar in recent years, are also listed.

Kanye is at #1, so let's work on getting him.


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