December 30, 2010

The Biggest Stories Of 2010

Last week we presented the posts that you "liked" the most this past semester. Now, we've put together our annual list of the year's biggest stories to affect the Vassar community.

10. Administration faces a Twitter hoax.
We broke the biggest story of the summer when Twitter accounts for Cappy, Dean Roellke, Don Marsala, and others began appearing with questionable posts. We got in touch with Roellke, who confirmed that it was a hoax, and College Relations, who said they would put a stop to it. Days later, Twitter suspended the accounts.

9. THs are burglarized. 
There were no armed robberies this year, but several Town Houses were burglarized throughout the semester. The thieves came through open first floor windows or doors and in some cases, the residents were even home at the time. Laptops, iPods, video game consoles, and marijuana - you read that correctly - were among the items taken. The thieves weren't very professional; one updated the Facebook status on the stolen laptop.

8. Vassar grads run (unsuccessfully) in New York State elections.
This fall, two alumni showed that it is possible to do more than a Vassar degree than start some nonprofit in Brooklyn. Rick Lazio '80 ran for the Republican nomination for governor of New York, but lost to the crass Carl Paladino. Eric Dinallo '85 ran for state Attorney General, but was also unsuccessful.

7. Locals continue to protest Vassar's deer cull.
Vassar's deer cull ended last winter, but local residents have continued to protest. In June, College Relations told us there were no plans for an additional cull, but months later a new billboard stating "Science over Slaughter" went up on Hooker Avenue. Even Gothamist and the NY Daily News picked up the story. Last week, The Poughkeepsie Journal confirmed that Vassar would be taking no additional action against the deer.

6. Campus falls in love with the Deece Cat.
In a year of burglars, hoaxes, dead deer, and lost elections, campus found relief in a cat that took residence outside of ACDC. In a few weeks, the "Deece Cat" went from an object of passing intrigue to a campus celebrity, complete with a Facebook account and 800 "friends." In November, the Director of ACDC decided to adopt it.

5. Butterbeer Brooers participate in the biggest Quidditch World Cup yet.
This was Vassar's fourth year competing in the annual Quidditch World Cup, but this year the event moved to New York City and received more coverage than ever before. One student's picture was even featured on SNL's "Weekend Update." Further, a Feminist organization used the event to promote equality.

4. Vassar community loses two important members.
In 2010, two members of the Vassar community passed away - Virginia B. Smith, former president of Vassar, and Betty Francis, the long-time security guard who grew popular with students while guarding the entrance to the Mug. Smith's obituary was featured in The New York Times, The Seattle Times,  and the school held a memorial service in November. Francis' death, which occurred earlier this week, has already brought about much reaction from students and employees.

3. Lisa Kudrow gives Commencement speech.
Perpetuating the belief that our school really only has two famous alumni, Vassar invited Lisa Kudrow '85 to give this year's Commencement speech to the Class of 2010. Meanwhile, Meryl gave the speech at Barnard.

2. Campus drinking increases (thanks to Four Loko).
The campus was particularly wet in 2010, so wet in fact that Dean Roellke had to send out an email to ask students to behave more responsibly. Hospitalizations continued to increase. This semester also saw the rise and fall of Four Loko, the alcoholic energy drink that was eventually banned in several states before its makers decided to change the recipe, a move Roellke approved of.

1. Vassar plans for Sesquicentennial.

This year's biggest story is a look at things to come. The imminent Sesquicentennial (beginning in January 2011) has been the talk of the town, with events planned for cities and countries around the world. A few weeks ago, the college unveiled the official 150 Years site, which features photographs, memories, and more from the Vassar community.

Mads had a big year too and we continue to be thankful for your support. This fall we introduced new elements to the blog, including podcasts and live concerts and events. ECollege Finder named us a Top 50 Freshmen Advisor and any day now we will be reaching 800,000 site visits.

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