December 1, 2010

Campus Of The Future: More Images

In case you missed the "unveiling" of the campus re-design in a meeting before Thanksgiving break, Mads came across some pictures of what the designers have planned. Some of the majors changes, shown below, include adding more plant life to the path around Sunset Lake and reducing the number of paths cutting through the residential quad. (Sorry for the poor picture quality.)



geralddude said...

Came across? What'd you do, Mads, take these through a fish tank? Next time, bring a real camera to these meetings. The master plan isn't a secret—you don't need to use a spy camera to sneak shots of the posters.

cabshere said...

geralddude - get a grip

Mo' said...

The picture of the quad reminds me of pictures I've seen of an earlier Vassar.

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