December 7, 2010

Editor Of "Chronicle" Already Issues Statement

[Keller, via Facebook]
Two hours after we brought you an exclusive first look and information for MICA's publication The Vassar Chronicle, editor Steve Keller '11 has taken to Facebook to address the controversy already surrounding it.

"The philosophy of this paper is the widening of political discourse," Keller writes. "Our campus has quite obviously suffered from a lack of political diversity...I do not think the problem of Vassar’s tendency towards politically homogeneous discourse can be fixed unless there is a publication whose sole purpose is the solicitation of alternative, sidelined views."

He continues: "The views published will hopefully not define us as 'conservative,' 'centrist,' or 'contrarian.'"

For the record, Keller describes himself as "a Democrat who has liberal, conservative, and moderate tendencies."

The publication will be available today, tomorrow, and Thursday in the College Center.

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