December 7, 2010

Exclusive: First Look At MICA's "Chronicle"

Mads has your exclusive first look at the cover for MICA's revived publication, The Vassar Chronicle, which debuts today (Tuesday). Here is the org's official statement about the publication, which has already stirred up some controversy on campus:

"MICA's Chronicle to be released today. Tabling Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

The limited December issue of The Vassar Chronicle is available today fresh off the presses, featuring editorials challenging the value of classroom discussion, political labeling, and counter-insurgency in Afghanistan, among sixteen pages of moderate, Independent, and conservative content.

MICA will be tabling in the Retreat from 12-3:30pm and in ACDC during dinner hours today, Wednesday, and Thursday to deliver The Chronicle to Vassarions."

Update: The Chronicle's editor, Steve Keller '11, has taken to Facebook to address the controversy surrounding the publication.