December 1, 2010

In Case You Missed It: PoJo Reviews Yeasayer Concert

In case you missed it, right before October break the Poughkeepsie Journal published a review of the Yeasayer concert.

On French Horn Rebellion: "Their immediacy made the band an excellent opener and the crowd responded to the fat beats by swarming the aisles and dancing toward the front of the church, forming a boogieing mob that remained in front of the stage for the rest of the night."

On Dominique Young Unique: "She took the stage completely solo and performed the majority of her mixtape over prerecorded beats and with limited apparent interest. "Y'all good?" she asked, repeatedly. The audience's goodness solidly established, we looked to the stage and found little in return... For all her music's dynamism, she barely moved on stage, mostly pacing from end to end."

On Yeasayer: "Despite Yeasayer's relative low wattage compared to past acts, such as the aforementioned Grizzly Bear in 2009 and Beirut in 2008, the band elicited a more exuberant response than either of those indie rock heavyweights."


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