December 9, 2010

Jhamtse Hugathon Today and Tomorrow

Here is a message from the head of the Jhmaste Club, which formed last fall to raise money for a school in the Himalayas.

"We're having a Hugathon this Thursday and Friday, with the dual goals of raising $1,000 for the school, and also of giving out 1,000 hugs to people on campus. The idea is that while a big part of our mission is to help the kids there - who really come from backgrounds where daily survival is not guaranteed, and in which context our financial contribution makes a radical difference - I've found that there also is a real wealth there, of this spirit of community, and generosity, and love and compassion (what "jhamtse" means in Tibetan). And so we also want to try to spread some extra of that sentiment on campus and brighten everybody's study-crazy-stressful week time."