December 9, 2010

The Mads Vassar Guide To Finals Week Studying

You've made it through another semester of classes. Congratulations. Now the fun begins. To help you through the next week and a half of finals, we bring you the Official Mads Vassar Guide To Studying.

1. Eat. One of the best things to get you through studying or writing papers is food. Bring it with you so you don't have to leave your work, and try working while eating. Chips and salsa can go a long way on a late night.

2. Have a friend change your Facebook password. The social network's hits must increase dramatically in mid-December as college students everywhere begin checking the site even more religiously than usual. It doesn't help that they just unveiled a new layout that has us all spending more time just trying to navigate it. Try avoiding the website all together, or have a friend (one you can trust) change your password until finals are over.

(Update: A reader just told us about an app for Mac called SelfControl, which allows you to block websites for certain periods of time. We haven't tried this ourselves, but check it out here.)

3. Avoid the 24-hour room. This will be the first time the library has had its new late night study space during finals, and chances are it will be a mad house. Remember, the entire library will be staying open until 3am, so you may be able to avoid the late night space all together. But, if you want to get out of the library...

4. ...Find an empty classroom somewhere around campus. You're unlikely to be bothered there and you won't have to deal with the chaos that is the library during finals. Most buildings are accessible by swiping your V-card.

5. Take advantage of study breaks. While you might not have time to go to a play or an a cappella concert, lots of orgs will be having events over the next week and a half to help get you through finals. Take advantage of these, especially the free food ones like Midnight Breakfast.

Good luck!