December 1, 2010

Our Favorite Sesquicentennial Pics: Part I

We went through the hundreds of pictures on the new Sesquicentennial website so that you don't have to (although we highly recommend it). The site designers did a great job of finding pictures that portray Vassar's diverse and long history. There are images of Vassar presidents with U.S. presidents, campus buildings that no longer exist, nineteenth century women studying in their dorm rooms, and much more. They're sure to make you proud to be Vassarion.

Here are our favorites (part 1)...

Students heading home in 1940s
Pres. MacCracken and FDR in 1931
Students on the Vassar Farm during WWI
Vassar Class of 1867 at 1913 reunion
Students in dorm room in late 1800s
The library used to be attached to the front of Main Building
Students protest apartheid in Africa
Rugby, late '70s
Dance in the early '70s
Student interviewed by reporter during 1969 takeover of Main
Meryl performing in 1971


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