December 29, 2010

Students and Friends React To Betty's Death

After a Vassar employee posted the news last night of Betty Francis' death, students began reacting immediately on Facebook and Twitter. We were able to confirm the news at midnight. Here is what students - current and alumni - are writing.

"Nobody ever cared more about the student body. I will never forget you. Love always."

[Facebook/Becca Mountain]
"Quote from Betty: 'I’m a strong person, and I know that. All I have to do is look them in the eye, and I mean what I say.' RIP."

"I've never met anyone at Vassar more committed to realistic models of justice and fairness."

"So sad to hear the Vassar community has lost our good friend, Betty. You will be missed." 

"A true Vassar gem...the Mug will never be the same."

Update: Anna Belle Jones, who works at the ROC and first posted the news of Betty's death, tells Mads: "I've known Betty since her days as a security guard in Strong House. Security guards worked in each of the residential houses...Betty kept watch over those girls as if they were her daughters...Betty and I often talked about our children and her grandson, knitting, fashions, her dancing career, and mostly, why we both love working at Vassar. We both agreed that it was the myriad of students we'd met and how we couldn't wait for reunion each year to see the hundreds of alums we'd shared special moments with."

Director of Marketing and Sustainability for Campus Dining, Ken Oldehoff, who worked with Betty as Mug manager, tells Mads: "When I saw Betty I was always truly amazed and envious at how well she could enjoy the company of others; she always seemed really happy to be around people.That was a blessing. She knew what was important."


Tiny Teacher said...

Betty made my Vassar experience enjoyable. She always had a warm smile, and a warm heart. I made sure to follow the rules (no trying to sneak in or drink when clearly you're underage), and sometimes - just sometimes - she let me cut in line :)

I'll miss you, Betty!

Kirsten Anderson, '02

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