December 16, 2010

Vassar Duo Has New Music and New Name

Vassar duo Elle Lefant has returned to the music scene with new music and a new name. The musicians - Nijae J. Draine '11 and Max Hershenow '10 - are now Crash Collect and have a digital album available online.

The band writes on their blog: "We’re not going to lie. We had a rough start. We cruised. We collided. We crashed. We collected. We came back...But we’re here now and we’re here to stay.  Same heart. New vision."

As for their genre...well, it's complicated. "We want to break the restrictions of genre and constricting notion that one must stay within single sound or art form," the group writes. "We are both deeply inspired by many kinds of music and would like to be able to explore any sound we feel stimulated by at the moment."

Check out their first single, "Move," and more here.


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