December 14, 2010

What We're Reading: Celebs Really, Really Hate Vassar Dorms

The Wall Street Journal featured an article on New York Stage and Film's Powerhouse Program that takes place at Vassar every summer, but the only thing the participants talked about was how bad our dorms are. Here are some selections from different actors, writers, and directors:

"Before there were cellphones, there was one pay phone. You'd want to call your kids to tell them good night and some other major, famous actor would be already using it, and you'd be like, 'Get off the phone already.'"

"You share a bathroom too. That's something nobody likes. Somebody's always doing something in there. It's like camp. The toilet paper is always gross and wet."

"I'm not staying in one those dorms again. Please don't put me in there."

"We try to avoid the dorms at all costs...Having a little caddy to go to the bathroom is not for me."

"I used to have the bad dorms. There was no air-conditioning, and the communal showers are terrifying. It was a bad mosquito season. I remember that because I opened the windows to get some air." 

Ok! We get it! Jeez.

Oh, and apparently the big celebrity bar is the Beech Tree on Collegeview.


Alex said...

suck it up, celebs. what are they expecting, their usual 5-star hotels? such is the quintessential college experience. if the rest of us deal with it, so can they.

Mina said...

I worked there two summers, and both summers the actors lived in senior housing, not the dorms. two of them got to live alone in their own socos because they had dogs. so i don't know what they're complaining about.