December 20, 2010

What You "Liked" In 2010

We went through all of our posts from this past semester and came up with the 15 stories that readers "liked" the most. Surprisingly, what you liked wasn't our in-depth coverage of important Vassar news, but rather the random Vassar-related pictures and stories.

1. During finals week, you have to make V-Print fun somehow. (37 "likes")
 Our most popular post of the semester came from an image that a freshman posted on Facebook.

2. Deece Cat finds a home. (36)
The stray cat outside of ACDC captivated the campus this semester, taking 3 of the top 9 most popular posts. Director of Dining Diane Dalton adopted the cat after it had been living outside of the dining center for several weeks.

3. Everything administration hates in one cartoon. (19)
With its one year anniversary, collaboration with the Misc, and increased viewership, student blog One Two Six Oh Four grew in popularity this semester. This cartoon took on everything that Vassar administration has struggled with in the past four years, including Four Loko, bed bugs, and deer.

4. Why Vassar was on the Daily Show. (16) 
Readers liked when we posted about how Jon Stewart mentioned Vassar on the Daily Show, and they liked even more when we found out that he did so because an alumnus asked him to.

5. Introducing The Deece Cat. (16) 

6.  New videos from the Limit. (15)

7. Hugathon provides 1,427 hugs. (15)

8.  Professor Talon on PBS. (15)

9. Deece Cat is on Facebook. (14)
With over 800 friends on Facebook, the Deece Cat is probably more popular than you are. "We wanted to claim him for the 2014s," one of the page's creators told us.

10. Exclusive first look at new Contrast cover. (12)

11. Spotted: Hoarders in the THs. (12)

12. Roellke says stop drinking so much. (12)
With the rise and fall of Four Loko, as well as a freshman class who (scarily) gave the seniors a run for their money, Dean Roellke and others felt the need to address the increase in drinking, EMS calls, and hospitalizations this semester. Roellke and the Committee for Campus Life will be introducing a late-night alcohol-free student space next semester.

13. Marsala's hunting email is scary this year. (11)

14. Streep and Kudrow together in webseries. (11)
Two of Vassar's most popular and ubiquitous alumnae/trustees teamed up for a few episodes of Lisa Kudrow '85's Web Therapy series. Meryl Streep '71, who will be hosting a Sesquicentennial event at Lincoln Center in February, played the role of a counselor in the webseries.

15. Unigo named Vassar a top 10 school for "getting lucky." (10)


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