January 31, 2011

More White Stuff To Hit Campus (Updated)

No, we're not talking about that hallway in Main.

As you probably know by now, yet another snowstorm is expected for tomorrow (Tuesday). The National Weather Service in Albany has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the area from 6 a.m. Tuesday to 6 a.m. Thursday. We can expect heavy snow (8-16 inches), sleet, and freezing rain.

There was a time not too long ago when snow actually seemed like a good thing. Students would hurry out of classes to build snowmen and go traying. Now it seems like everyone is just counting down until spring.

Update: Apparently administration is taking the imminent storm very seriously. D.B. Brown just sent out an all-campus email giving students instructions in case their is a power blackout. He also recommends that students prepare "go bags."

Update #2: The Vassar Twittersphere is already abuzz with #blackout2011 and #gobag tweets.

Dispatches From A Vassar Grad In Egypt

D.C. Mungo '10 was living in Cairo, Egypt when the protests began on January 25th. While most of Egypt no longer has internet access, D.C. made it to Syria and has been updating his Twitter and Facebook accounts with personal anecdotes and information about what is going on. His account offers the unique perspective of a Vassar graduate of the increasingly serious situation. Here are some excerpts:

1/30/11 (Facebook)

I think this is the moment for el-Baradei to either cement his relevancy to Egypt's future or lose it forever.

1/30/11 (Facebook)
I'm in Syria now. So far it's not looking like things are going to explode here like everywhere else, though there are rumors about Feb 5th.

1/29/11 (Twitter)
Woke up yesterday morning seriously considering buying a plane ticket to Cairo. Why did I leave??

1/28/11 (Facebook)
For the rest of Egypt, I wish so much I were there with you. A feeble Facebook endorsement does little, but all the same, yalla ya misr, let's do this. I hope for nothing less than the peaceful change you need. But I also hope this opportunity is not lost for something meaningful.

1/28/11 (Facebook)

To my friends in Egypt: 
5 star hotels supposedly still have internet access as does anyone with the Noor Group internet provider bc it works with all the important US companies and the Egyptian Stock Exchange. Hopefully people are turning off the passwords for their wireless so try theirs if you find it! Let me know what's going on if ...you can and most of all, stay safe!

1/25/11 (Facebook)
Egypt blocked Twitter, and things have gotten more interesting though not as violent as the news articles are making it sound. Most of the protest groups around the city converged in Tahrir square. Protesters and police clashed with tear gas, water cannons, and very spare use of batons, but mostly people are standing around yelling "down with Mubarak" and such. Inspiring, but probably not enough to make a difference.

1/25/11 (Twitter)
just by looking at the pictures and judging from the tweets, can't tell how big this is (or is not) going to be...

1/25/11 (Twitter)
Big day of protests all over Cairo today echoing Tunis. Don't think it's going to be as pivotal as some expect, but gonna keep low anyway.

1/25/11 (Facebook)
Good luck today, Egypt.

January 30, 2011

Comedian Is Talking About Us Behind Our Backs

A Mads reader from Manhattan College tells us that when she went to an Aziz Ansari gig at Mohegan Sun the other night, the opener Joe Mande spent about ten minutes talking about his experience doing a show at Vassar. The anecdote involved a Campus Activities rep saying that Vassar students have "identity issues" and cautioning him against telling gay jokes or using racial slurs.

Yeah, probably for the best.

Update: Apparently the Vassar joke was a hit, as even Time Out: New York mentioned it in their recap of the event: "Strong opening sets from Joe Mande and Kristen Schaal. The former shared a mindblowing account of a Vassar student-activities director who threw him for a loop by requesting that he not perform any aggressively homophobic material during a recent appearance at the college."

The Reason Why Sexycentennial Ended Early

There are lots of rumors about why last night's highly anticipated Sexycentennial party ended around 1am.

According to Ruby Cramer '12, who helped organize the event, the fire alarm went off because someone ripped a fire extinguisher from the wall and after the alarm, security thought it would be too difficult to get everyone back inside and declared the party over.

"I got to play 15 minutes of my set before the fire alarm went off," DJ Respire tells Mads. "Ayres didn't get to play again (he was supposed to play at the Shiva Rave last semester), though he was able to play for several hours at a house party afterward."

Around 5am DJ Ayres tweeted, "I LOVE COLLEGE!" and today at noon, "Fight for your right to party."

January 29, 2011

Want To be A Vastard?

Do you love nostalgic pop music? Want to sing it in public? Now is your chance! The Vastards are holding second semester auditions tomorrow (Sunday, 1/30) from noon to 4pm.

2011 Will Send You To South Beach

The Senior Class is excited to announce the South Beach Send-Off!

2011 will be selling pairs of tickets next week in the College Center for $20 (two pairs for $30). The winners will be announced during half-time at the Student Faculty Basketball Game on February 10th and the trip is for the next day!

"The winners will receive 2 plane tickets from New York to South Beach leaving Friday February 11th and getting you back to campus Sunday February 13th, as well as a hotel room for 2 for Friday and Saturday nights," the Facebook event states.

Apparently the idea came from a similar raffle that Vassar's senior class used to do many years ago.

When you buy your raffle ticket, make sure to print your name as it appears on your passport/ID since that name will be on the plane ticket.

More info here.

Vassar Grad To Become White House Intern

Maryrose Myrtetus '09 may not have won the VSA presidency a few years ago, but now she's heading to the White House. Maryrose was selected to participate in the White House Internship Program, which according to a press release, aims to "make the White House accessible to future leaders all around the nation and cultivate and prepare those devoted to public service for future leadership opportunities."

January 28, 2011

The Competition For "Mr. Vassar" Begins

The annual "Mr. Vassar" competition is coming up on February 25th and the Daisy Chain and Senior Class Council are looking for nominations. The theme this year is "Hot Mess" and promises to be particularly outrageous. (Even FlyPeople is getting involved.)

Email your nominations to daisychain10.11[at]gmail.com by Wednesday, Feb. 2nd. Daisy Chain will be choosing the two males from each class with the most nominations to compete.

More info here.

This Weekend On Campus...Sexy Edition

There isn't a lot going on this weekend because all anyone can think about is Saturday night's Sexycentennial, which may be the biggest event of the school year. Email madsvassar [at] gmail.com for publicity.

NonCon11 Preview, 6pm Faculty Commons/Retreat
"We're going to have free dessert starting at 6pm in Faculty Commons, and there will be anime/sci-fi screenings, board games, and Magic the Gathering as well. In the Retreat, we'll have a Wii (probably with Brawl) and an Xbox." 

Mug Night, 11pm Mug

Sexycentennial, 9pm College Center/Villard Room
24 Hour Theater: Sesquicentennial Edition, 9pm Shiva

January 27, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Last Summer's Twitter Parodies Return

Remember last summer's Twitter hoax when an anonymous person(s) made accounts for Cappy, Dean Roellke, Luis Inoa, and others? And then College Relations and Roellke told us they were fake? And then Vassar had the accounts suspended? Yeah, well, they're back.

This time however, the person/people behind the accounts isn't risking having the accounts suspended again. "This account is a PARODY and does not reflect the views or opinions of any person, entity, or corporeal being which has, does, or ever will exist," a note says under the new account name, cappy_vcparody.

While only the Cappy account is functioning, there is a new parody account, wUpsCDCvassar.

"We hope to broadcast light humor on a regular basis," the creator(s) tells us.

EXCLUSIVE: What You Heard About 2014 Isn't True

There's been a rumor going around that sixty freshmen either chose or were asked not to return for the second semester. We spoke with 2014 Class President Michael Moore who confirmed that that rumor is untrue.

"Upon meeting with Ben Lotto, the Dean of Freshmen, he has confirmed with me that this rumor is utter nonsense, and that the number of people that took leaves of absences for health, personal, financial, or other reasons is well within normal expectations," Michael tells us.

Michael and Dean Lotto are both aware of - and unhappy about - the rumors. "It is possible that they indicate a general perception or misunderstanding about some aspect of the freshmen class," he says.

Vassar Recognized For Its Crazy Tradition

A website called Online Universities has compiled a list of 25 college traditions that "toe the line of insanity." Vassar's Serenading has made the list, although the description of throwing condiments is a bit outdated.

Other traditions listed include streaking and primal screams, both of which Vassar also has covered.

It seems that Serenading is rather well known even outside of the Vassar bubble. Back in 2007, OTR named the event the craziest college tradition.

One Week Until Stu-Fac Basketball Game

The second annual Student-Faculty Basketball Game is happening a week from today. The organizers, who hope to draw one thousand people, have big plans for the event. In addition to the game, the Vassar Choir will be singing the National Anthem, Cappy will be giving the tip-off, and there will be a halftime event.

Thirty-one faculty members will be participating, including Dean Roellke, history professor Bob Brigham, and Associate Dean Ed Pittman.

You can purchase tickets from VSA Council members or from the Class of 2011 table in the College Center.

Thursday, February 10th, 8pm in the Athletics Center.

January 25, 2011

Poughkeepsie Journal Reviews Re-Opened Loeb

The Poughkeepsie Journal featured an article today on the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, which re-opened last week.

Look Who's Cooking On TV

Nate Silver '10 was featured on You & Me This Morning with Jeanne Sparrow and Melissa Forman.

Before appearing on TV, Nate was crowned sauce champion at ACDC. He also gave a campus tour to Bruce Springsteen.

Help Plan The Biggest Event Of The Year

Because of that whole Sesquicentennial thing, this year's Founder's Day is bound to be the biggest one ever. Now, the time has come to start planning.

The FD organizers have extended the committee chair application to midnight this Sunday, 1/30. What does a chair do? They're responsible for an aspect of the event (music, decorations/kids' tent, food/beer, merch, and rides/games).

Send your application to foundersday11[at]gmail.com or stop by the FD table in the College Center this week to fill one out in person. You can also submit theme ideas or sign up to work on a committee.

More info here.

Another Campus Group Joins Twitter

The Writing Center is the latest campus group to join Twitter.

By the way, we're still not sure what's up with that UpC Twitter account.

January 24, 2011

New Sesquicentennial Background On Vassar Website

Just when we figured out the story behind the Matthew Vassar cake design, the Vassar website switched backgrounds to an image from the Sesquicentennial website.

Spotted: Front Page Of Poughkeepsie Journal

[Po Jo]
The front page of today's Poughkeepsie Journal features two Vassar seniors (Brittany Sider '11 and Lindsey Liese '11) who were at Mahoney's last night watching the Jets/Steelers game.

"All Shook Up" Owners Are Helping Promote World Peace

The owners of All Shook Up, located on the corner of Lagrange and Raymond Avenue, are singing at Carnegie Hall tomorrow night in a concert to promote peace. Here is some more information:

"We are the owners of All Shook Up! on the corner of Raymond and LaGrange Ave. My partner, Frank, will be a featured performer and I am singing in the choir for Turn Up The Peace World Premiere Celebration at Carnegie Hall Tuesday night, January 25th, 8pm for a really great cause.  If anyone would like to attend we have a bus leaving All Shook Up! at 5pm and it's $25.00 round trip, door to door.  They would need to contact me at (845) 242-2406.  Tickets for the show are separate at www.carnegiehall.org and you can use our exclusive code TUP10959 for a 20% discount.  Anything you could post to get the word out about the concert, Turn Up The Peace, and All Shook Up!'s involvement would be greatly appreciated.  
Turn Up The Peace (TUTP) is a movement toward world peace that was created by a young couple who happen to be customers of ours.That's right. We had no idea what they were up to when they weren't in our store, but a couple of our customers who have become dear friends, Nandapriya and Phil, who love our juices and smoothies and All Shook Up!, in general, have put together this massive and amazing world event called Turn Up The Peace. It is a non-profit organization that is raising money for world hunger as well as other social challenges that prevent us from living in a peaceful world.  Much of the money will stay right here in our country but this is a "World Concert Tour" that is only beginning at Carnegie Hall.  It then goes to LA and around the world to do just that... "promote world peace through music".  Nandapriya and Phil are two extraordinary people who are the co-founders of TUTP.  Their belief in music having the power to heal and create unity, and their belief in us all attracting more peace into our own lives thereby creating a more peaceful world, is second to none.  He is a music therapist by trade and when you meet them you can feel the peace and serenity that surrounds them both. If you log onto the website www.turnupthepeace.org you can learn more about them, as well as the cause.
Frank will be going on the world tour with them and I will join in whenever and wherever it is feasible, while keeping up with our All Shook Up! business. I would encourage anyone who can be there to be there...not just for us but because it is going to be such an amazing event it just may prove to be life changing."

One Of These Performers Will Play The Spring Show

2,309 votes were cast in a poll for who students want to perform at the Spring concert. Wiz Khalifa won with 25% of all votes, followed by Robyn at 23% and Ratatat with 18%.

[images via MySpace]

January 23, 2011

The Oddest Vassar Mention Yet

David Ezer '95 has been blogging about Vassar mentions in film and television for a while. He never thought he'd come across an allusion to our school in an '80s porno flick. (Don't worry, the link is SFW.)

The Story Behind Matt Vassar's Sesquicentennial Cake

[Confetti Cakes]
Wondering where Matt Vassar got his cake in the Sesquicentennial design? It turns out that it's modeled after a real cake created by Elisa Strauss '98, the founder and head baker of Confetti Cakes. Strauss' cake has been featured in Brides magazine and on her blog she explains that the cake paintings of artist Wayne Theibaud inspired her. So...it's art imitating life imitating art.

January 22, 2011

What We're Watching: Middlebury's "Public Safety"

Some Mads readers over at Middlebury just sent us clips from their new webseries, Public Safety, which uses a mockumentary style to follow a group of public safety officers on a fictional New England college campus.

An improv group called Otter Nonsense is behind the series. The actors, writers, and producers are all Middlebury students.

Click here to read more about the webseries and check out the first few episodes. New episodes are available online every Friday this month.

January 21, 2011

Respire To Return For Sesqui Party

[via VC Soundstem]
According to his artist page, DJ Respire (Paul Noonan '10) will be making his campus comeback next weekend at the Sesquicentennial party.

Since graduating, Respire has been living in Atlanta and DJing for scantily clad parties like this one.

This Weekend On Campus: OMG How Was Ur Break? Edition

Our weekly "This Weekend" post returns today for the first weekend of the semester. Here are the events worth checking out. Email madsvassar(at)gmail.com for publicity.

Night Owls and Yale Whiffenpoofs. 8pm, Rocky 300
Shiva Rave. 10pm, Shiva Theater

All of the Lights Mug Night. 10pm, Mug

January 20, 2011

New Sesquicentennial Banners On Campus

VSA Vice President Ruby Cramer '12 just posted this picture of the new Sesquicentennial banners to Tumblr. These banners can now be seen on campus' Main Drive.

The Latest To Join Twitter: UpC

Ever since last summer's Twitter hoax, we've been a bit wary of Twitter accounts claiming to be Vassar institutions. But, until the tweets start to become unusual, check out the new UpC page, which promises to share "smoothie ingredient availability updates and all that other cool stuff happening at UpC."

Update: We've spoken to multiple reps for Campus Dining and Winchell Mountain Coffee, who partner with UpC, and no one seems to know who is behind the account. "Follow" at your own risk.

Vassar's Historic Art Collection Re-Opens Today

The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, which houses one of the oldest art collections in the country, has its grand reopening today following a seven month closure for roof repairs. On the Facebook event page for the re-opening, reps promise "a refreshed presentation of the permanent collection." Free curatorial tours will also be available tonight.

Stop by the museum between 5 and 9pm tonight (Thursday).

You can also click here to read more about how the museum's historic collection came to be.

Wesleyan Wishes Vassar A Happy Birthday

Click here to see the Vassar birthday message from our friends at Wesleying.

January 19, 2011

Best (Imagined) Blog Moments In Vassar History

In honor of yesterday's sesquicentennial, we imagine what it would have been like if Mads Vassar had been around throughout Vassar's history. Here are some of the major posts...

Celeb Sighting: Rocky On Campus
A tipster spotted John D. Rockefeller himself visiting his niece and daughter on campus.
Celeb sighting, Spotted

BREAKING: Vassar Dies Mid-Speech (June 23, 1868)
Very sad and strange news. The man responsible for our education, Matthew Vassar, died today in the middle of giving a speech to the Board of Trustees.
BIG NEWS, Matt Vassar

BREAKING: Vassar To Let In Men!
Everything you've known about Vassar these past 108 years is about to change. Officials have just announced that our school will not be accepting men. Alumnae may recall the male students invited following World War II, but this time it's for real.
BIG NEWS, Co-education

Spotted: New Addition To Joss Beach
Have you passed by Joss Beach lately? If so, you've probably noticed the army tank that has been placed there. Sources tell us that the French government donated it to thank our students for helping the cause in World War II.
Spotted, Post-War, Joss

By Word of Mouth: Vassar and Jewett Don't Get Along
Unconfirmed, but we hear from an anonymous source that President Milo Jewett and founder Matthew Vassar haven't been getting along lately.
 By Word of Mouth, Matt Vassar, Jewett

Now You Need Tickets For Shiva Rave

[via Facebook/VC Soundsystem]
In an effort to prevent the mayhem that forced last semester's Shiva Rave to end early, VC Soundsystem is asking that students pick up free tickets at the InfoDesk for this semester's event. "The club couldn't even handle you last time, but now we've got a second shot," write the organizers on the Facebook event page.

This semester's DJs are Gold'n'lung (Mike Beauregard '12), DJ DJ (Axel Yung '13), Lyke Mic (Dylan Evans '12), and DJ Olmec (Nick Inzucchi '11).

This Is The New Science Building In 2016

The presentation on the new science facilities isn't until later today, but yesterday the Vassar YouTube channel posted a computer-generated video that takes viewers through the new Bridge Building, planned for 2016.

January 18, 2011

Going On Now: Art In Action

Here is a message from the Vassar First Year Program about an event happening right now:

"The Vassar First Year Program presents Art in Action, an evening of ART, MUSIC, and FOOD showcasing groundbreaking artists whose work challenges the ways we think about the world. This year we are thrilled to have Naomi Safran-Hon, whose medium of choice is concrete. A selection of her award winning works will be on display in the Villard Room for viewing from 6:00-7:30pm --- along with hot food and chill music. Also at this time, the Palmer Gallery will be open for a "sneak peek" of the upcoming installation 'TeenVision2011.' Be sure to stick around for the closing talk with Naomi at 7:30. It promises to be a fantastic evening. Don't miss it! For more information contact the Campus Life Office at campuslife[at]vassar.edu or Ext. 5426."

What People Are Saying About The Big 150

Twitter is abuzz with news of Vassar's birthday. Here is what people are saying...

@JTReeves: Happy birthday, Vassar! #VC150 #sesquicentennial (my college predates the word, via @MerrianWebster)

@ElGreenstein: Happy Sesquicentennial (150 years!) #Vassar! No, I don't have any money to donate yet, I don't have a job. Please stop asking me until 2013.

@ahoykatie: The best people (and places) are born on the 18th of the month. Happy 150th birthday, #Vassar! vassar.edu miss you! #sesquicentennial

@elbutler: Nothing says "celebrate 150 years" like asking for more money. Thanks for the sesquicentennial guilt, Vassar.

@snelson_4: As a proud '05 grad, I'm excited to wish Vassar a happy sesquicentennial! Long live the rose & gray. #VC150 #Vassar

@chloerm: "@LarsLJ: feeling very sesquicententacious today #vc150 @matthewvassar" happy birthday vassar!!

@andrea_ml: Happy Birthday Vassar! Sesquicentennials are all the rage.

@gretchenh: Happy Birthday Vassar! You don't look a day over 149!

@sortathatboy: Before I forget, Happy Sesquicentennial Vassar College! 150 years old and looking as sexy as ever.

It's Our Birthday, Now Can We Has Monies?

As anticipated, in an email sent moments ago, the Board of Trustees announced its Sesquicentennial fundraiser initiative. "As we inaugurate a sesquicentennial observance that celebrates our past and present achievements, we are equally excited to announce a fundraising campaign that looks to our college’s future," the email states. The program, to be called "Vassar 150: World Changing," focuses on raising money for financial aid and help revamp the science facilities.

The goal of $400 million, $262 million of which has already been raised.

Trustee Barbara Manfrey Vogelstein '76, the namesake and, along with her husband, donor behind the Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film, is the chair of the "World Changing" committee.

More information can be found at the new official website of the fundraising program. Among other features, the website includes videos of Vassar graduates working in the sciences.

Long Po-Jo Article Commemorates Sesquicentennial

Don't worry, other people know about the Sesquicentennial too. (After all, that pronunciation/spelling video has gotten 16,000 views and coverage on the Huffington Post.) Today's Poughkeepsie Journal has a long article on the event in which it explains Vassar's history, current statistics, and lists some Sesquicentennial events. The article quotes Cappy, Ed Pittman '82, and college historian Elizabeth Daniels '41, among others.

Update: Also a mention in Daily Freeman.

Update #2: WAMC radio spot here. Channel 6 here. Channel 3 here.

Homepage Is Birthday-Themed

As expected, the Vassar website homepage is in the Sesquicentennial spirit, featuring the well-known portrait of our founder next to a birthday cake right out of Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. That treatment is usually reserved for Halloween.

The image will be put on a banner and used at all of Vassar's off-campus Sesquicentennial events. Eric Estes '11 is responsible for the design.

Vassar Turns 150 Years Old, Kicking Off Sesquicentennial

[Vassar archives]
Unless you've been living under a rock (or studying abroad or something), you know that today is Vassar College's 150th birthday. That means that exactly a century and a half ago, less than two months before the start of the Civil War, the New York State Legislature incorporated the college, marking its official founding.

Vassar has done a tremendous job of planning celebrations for the occasion, including the commemorative website that went up last semester. In 2011 there will be events all over the world, including London and Athens, as well as special events on the Vassar campus and regular campus events that will be even more exciting (the re-opening of the Loeb, Founder's Day, etc.). There is no shortage of archival photographs or videos, either.

You can trust Mads Vassar to bring you all of the latest Sesquicentennial news and entertaining posts about Vassar's history.

So, happy birthday, Vassar! Check out our posts labeled "Sesquicentennial" for more!

January 17, 2011

"Mads" Named In Misc's Sesqui Issue

The Miscellany News' special Sesquicentennial issue is now online, and we're honored that the paper has mentioned us in their article on campus publications. We're happy to be listed with the Misc, Vassarion, and other publications as an important part of Vassar's history.

The special issue is twenty pages long and includes alumnae/i retrospectives and articles on certain aspects of our school's history, including the Vassar Farm and the art collection.

January 16, 2011

The Future Of Science At Vassar

Last week we posted an article in which Cappy said that she wants a greater commitment to the sciences to be her legacy. Now she is already taking steps to make that happen, announcing in an all-campus email on Friday that a presentation regarding the new science facilities will take place this Wednesday.

A document attached to the email also contained more details about the project, which will include the restoration of New England, Sanders Physics, and Olmstead, as well as the construction of a new Bridge Building. The new building will be sustainable, with features such as "bird-safe glass," and will include a café and terrace. The entire project is expected to cost $105 million and be completed by Sept. 2016.

Finally, the document states that Mudd will be demolished in 2017, a move first mentioned two years ago.

Another Old School Vassar Article

Since so many of you enjoyed the 1885 article we posted the other day, here is a 1913 article that Vassar style blogger and author Rebecca Tuite posted about a student who escaped campus to marry her high school sweetheart.

Everything You Need To Know About Vassar

Vassar College Relations has squeezed everything you need to know about our school into one convenient press release in time for Tuesday's big sesquicentennial. Click here to read about Vassar's founding, its famous alumni and faculty, its curriculum (past and present) and more.

In two days, Vassar will turn 150 years old.

January 13, 2011

What Was Vassar Social Life Like In 1885?

A tipster sent in a newspaper clipping that he found from 1885 on "social life at Vassar." At the time, as the article notes, the Vassar Girl was becoming "an object of popular interest... beneath the eye-glasses of modern criticism" as the school "passed through her experimental stage of its existence" and became a place for "a community of people gathered together for some special purpose." Check out the excerpts below to see how life at Vassar has changed over the years.

The typical Vassar student:
"She impresses us more by her quiet self-reliance and breadth of ideas than by her use of Greek values or slang."

Campus entertainment:
"There are many entertainments given Friday and Saturday evenings, and the girls, notwithstanding the absence of that indispensable addition to ordinary society, the male sex, find a great deal of pleasure."

Vassar girls "acknowledge a weakness for clapping."

"A peculiarity of the Vassar girl is that she can keep a secret, notwithstanding her natural tendency to the contrary, and a great many dark plots to baffle vulgar curiosity are devised within Vassar's brick walls."

Halloween pranks: 
"All Hallow'een is duly observed by ghastly processions and mystic rites. This year some stealthy Seniors awoke the charming Rip Van Winkles by rolling croquet-balls down the corridors through the midnight silence."

Guilty Pleasures: 
The Candy Room "is a large room provided with two gas-stoves, hot and cold water, tables, cupboards, dishes, and all essential appliances for candy-making. Here the girls have candy-pulls and work away with the sticky stuff to their hearts' content."

On Maria Mitchell, the famous astronomy professor: "The strong, noble face, beautiful in its frame of snowy hair, is an object of great reverence to every Vassar girl."

Senior Week:
"The week before Commencement week is celebrated by the 'Senior Howl.'...This year the members of the class represented in costume and in action the respective personages of the Faculty and teachers, with such success that one poor Freshmen, severely reprimanded by the pseudo-lady-principal, could hardly be comforted."

January 12, 2011

Po-Town and Vassar Hit With 8-16 Inches

The weather forecast for eastern Dutchess County predicts eight to sixteen inches of snow.

The National Weather Service in Albany has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the area, which remain in effect until 7pm on Wednesday. The alert warns of hazards such as "heavy snowfall and "blowing snow."

 "The commute this morning will be very difficult," the warning states. Further, the Metro-North is operating on a Sunday schedule.

Yesterday afternoon Vassar announced a delayed opening for those working on campus today, but that has since been changed to a full closure for the workday.

Even the delivery of this morning's Poughkeepsie Journal has been delayed.

January 11, 2011

Vassar Through The Ages (On Film)

In honor of Vassar's Sesquicentennial, which officially begins this month, the Vassar YouTube channel has been posting archival footage and promotional videos of our school from the last century. The videos below have must-see moments, including WWII-era Vassar girls sipping tea in a quad dorm parlor, the THs being constructed in 1971, and the ancient looking computer in the unmissable 1990 promotional video. Check out the YouTube page for more videos.

She Goes to Vassar, 1931

Life at Vassar, 1943

Vassar Today, 1971

One Night at Vassar, 1990

January 6, 2011

The "Jersey" Line That Hits Closest To Home

Minor spoiler alert...
In tonight's season premiere of Jersey Shore, Ronnie called Snooki, a.k.a. the self-proclaimed Princess of Poughkeepsie, a line that hits close to home for Vassar students, saying, "You're just a ******* loser from Poughkeepsie." Ouch.

For the record, Snooki lives in Marlborough, NY, which is across the river and twenty minutes from Vassar.

Interested In Teach For America?

Today's successful alumnae/i story comes from Maddy Robertson-Salt '08 who works for Teach for America's Recruitment Team and wants to get Vassar students and graduates involved. Here is what she has to say:

"Educational inequity limits the life prospects of millions of children. Teach For America is being part of the solution. 

Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates and professionals—of all majors, backgrounds, and career interests—who commit to teach for two years in urban and rural low-income communities and become lifelong leaders in expanding educational opportunity. After their two years in the classroom, Teach For America alumni move into every sector to continue expanding opportunity in the long term.

Right now, 8,200 corps members have begun teaching in 39 regions across the country while over 20,000 Teach For America alumni continue working from inside and outside the field of education for the fundamental changes necessary to ensure educational excellence and equity.

Watch this short video to learn more about our impact:
Attend an online event to learn more: http://www.teachforamerica.org/admissions/attend-an-online-event/
Register online today to get started on your application: http://www.teachforamerica.org/online/info/index.jsp

Full salary ($30,000-$50,000 depending on region) and health insurance. Federal student loans deferred. All majors and professional experiences.

The next application deadline is February 4, 2011. For more information contact Maddy at madeline.robertson-salt[at]teachforamerica.org or visit www.teachforamerica.org.

The Countdown To Founder's Day Begins

The sesquicentennial year Founder's Day is bound to be the biggest one ever and it appears that the plans are already underway. VSA President Mat Leonard '11 sent out an all-campus email this morning with a message calling for Founder's Day Committee applicants and theme ideas. Here is some of the message:

"Founder’s Day is the biggest event of the school year and we need YOUR help in making it possible. We are now accepting applications for Committee Chair positions. There will be five committees: Food/beer, Decorations/Kids Tent, Rides/Games, Merch, and Music .

Each committee will have one Chair. As Chair, you will be responsible for coordinating your committee members and working with the event co-chairs to make sure your aspect of Founder’s Day is the best it can be.

If you’re not interested in becoming a Chair, we still need your help! We will be having a general interest meeting soon where you sign up to be a committee member and submit theme ideas. As a committee member, you will be asked to help prepare for the event in advance and day-of. Stay
tuned for the date of that meeting."

The application is attached to Mat's email, or you can email foundersday11 [at] gmail.com for a copy. Email your completed application to foundersday11 [at] gmail.com by January 25th. You can also submit theme ideas to that email address.

January 5, 2011

Mads Hits 800,000 Visits!

Mads hit 800,000 site visits today! Thank you to all readers for your continued support!

In case you're wondering, we had 175,470 site visits and 289,280 individual page views in 2010. Not bad considering we took spring semester off.

Checking In With The Deece Cat

Mads spoke with Diane Dalton, the proud new owner of everyone's favorite campus celebrity, the Deece Cat, about how the cat is doing. Below, Ms. Dalton answers all the questions everyone wants to know, including why she adopted it, what its name is now, and how the cat likes it's new home.

"After a few months of seeing him outside ACDC and asking who this cat belonged to, a number of students and staff confirmed he was a stray or abandoned," Ms. Dalton tells us. "The cat was very friendly to all who passed and I felt bad he didn't have a home.  Once I determined the cat didn't belong to anyone on campus, I decided to adopt him."

Ms. Dalton and her family decided to maintain the cat's campus name. "We named him 'DeeCe,'" she says.

How does DeeCee like his new home? "DeeCe adjusted very nicely," Ms. Dalton says. "He has two golden retrievers, a cat and teenagers that accepted him openly.  We brought him to our vet who gave him a clean bill of health. His first night in our home he slept in, Nolan's, our youngest son's bed. What we find odd about DeeCe is he loves the bathroom sink. Anytime anyone walks into the bathroom, DeeCe races to get into the room first and dives into the sink and waits for us to turn the water on and he drinks and plays with the water.  DeeCe hunts daily in our back field by the pond, he meows at the back door when he wants to come in and sits in front of the cubbard where we keep the cat food when he wants to eat. He is very comfortable in his new home and he fits in well with our family."

Final Grades Are Now Online

You may be too afraid to look, but last semester's final grades are now online.

January 4, 2011

Professor Quoting Of The Day

The New York Times quoted psych professor Randy Cornelius in an article on Sunday about manhood and crying.

Cornelius was quoted over the summer in an article on the same subject.

January 3, 2011

Sesquicentennial Video Shows How Bright Vassar People Really Are

The official Vassar YouTube page just posted a new clip that shows professors, administrators, students, and Vassar (and real-life) celebrities pronouncing and spelling the word "sesquicentennial." Lisa Kudrow '85 gets it right. The clip features lots of people, including college historian Betty Daniels, Neon Gold Records founder Lizzy Plapinger '10, Dean Roellke, and of course, Meryl.

Student Artists Wanted For "VUU Collective"

Here is a message from Kristina Sarhadi '10, who is looking for student participation in a new online platform for emerging artists. VUU Collective (vuucollective.com) launched last month with its first issue and in just a few days was viewed by 10,000 people around the world. "The site is already causing a stir and we are eager to get Vassar students and alum involved as we begin work on Issue 2," Sarhadi tells us. Here is more information:

"As a New York-based online collective with a 'by the people, for the people' mentality, VUU's aim is to provide an outlet for communication among both rising and established creative talent. The first issue of VUU (Winter/Spring 2011), which is now live, features work from 24 up-and-coming artists in a variety of mediums. Since its launch, VUU has been viewed by over 10,000 people in more than 20 countries, and has been called 'an extraordinary online magazine' featuring 'some of the most creative artists around the world,' by fashion designers I Love Factory.  It is our hope that as the collective continues to grow and evolve, VUU will function as a sustainable outlet for this kind of widespread exposure and community support. As such, we are excited to get started on Issue 2 (Summer/Autumn 2011), and are seeking young talents to contribute! 

"Current Vassar students, alumnae/i, prospective students, friends, enemies and neighbors, we invite you to submit. All mediums and backgrounds are welcome, and each selected artist will be spotlighted with an artist profile, an individual gallery of his or her work, and a permanent place in the VUU archive. 

"To view Issue 1, and to support the amazing talents that already comprise the VUU Collective, please visit vuucollective.com. And! friend us on facebook: facebook.com/vuucollective or follow us on twitter: twitter.com/vuucollective or tumblr: vuucollective.tumblr.com. For more information on submissions or current artists, or to get involved, feel free to email me directly at kristina.sarhadi [at] gmail.com."

January 2, 2011

Cappy Talks Sciences And Legacy In New Interview

[Wire Image]
You've probably never picked up a copy of Chronogram, the Hudson Valley arts and culture magazine that is sometimes available by the entrance to Main. But it may be worth taking a look at the current issue, which features an extensive interview with Cappy. Here are some selections, in which she talks about the new science building planned for 2013, her greatest challenges as president, and what she would like her legacy to be.

Cappy on the sciences and the new science building: "[W]e are behind on the sciences. Not in terms of the curriculum, but we’ve got a very charming but outdated physics building that could be used for a Back to the Future movie set. Our chemistry building is not that old but unfortunately has been more or less dysfunctional from the day it opened... [R]ather than just renovate the existing buildings and have them not be adequate for what’s going on in the curriculum, we have a new plan that renovates some of them and adds an exciting new building. This new building will literally form a bridge between parts of our campus and connect to our existing biology building, Olmsted Hall."

 On Vassar's commitment to financial aid: "We’re not like a car dealership looking to make a profit. We are doing something in the public interest, educating the most interesting, brightest students who can qualify to get in. I think it’s part of the country’s commitment to equal opportunity. If you’re a smart kid, you should have the opportunity to go to the best school you can possibly attend, regardless of your family’s ability to pay."

On her greatest challenge since becoming president, the economy: "It had been a pretty good couple of decades, so there weren’t a lot of people out there who remembered bad times and making hard decisions. It had really been an environment of 'What are we going to add?' as opposed to 'How are we going to get this all to work out?'"

On her eventual legacy: "I’m hoping I can really solidify the institution’s commitment to a diverse student body from all different backgrounds...Part of the magic of the place is the place itself, our physical campus. Vassar’s previous president did a wonderful job of getting through much of what needed to be renovated. I see the sciences as the piece I hope to get done for future generations."

It's Official: Class Of 2015 Is On The Way

It's hard to believe that it's this time of year again, but the Class of 2015 is on the way. Early decision acceptance letters went out in December and the inevitable Facebook group has been created.

So far the members of the incoming class are "very open about music and like almost anything." Their passions include art, theater, writing, skateboarding, and books.

Of course, most of the Facebook group's members are already students at Vassar.