January 19, 2011

Best (Imagined) Blog Moments In Vassar History

In honor of yesterday's sesquicentennial, we imagine what it would have been like if Mads Vassar had been around throughout Vassar's history. Here are some of the major posts...

Celeb Sighting: Rocky On Campus
A tipster spotted John D. Rockefeller himself visiting his niece and daughter on campus.
Celeb sighting, Spotted

BREAKING: Vassar Dies Mid-Speech (June 23, 1868)
Very sad and strange news. The man responsible for our education, Matthew Vassar, died today in the middle of giving a speech to the Board of Trustees.
BIG NEWS, Matt Vassar

BREAKING: Vassar To Let In Men!
Everything you've known about Vassar these past 108 years is about to change. Officials have just announced that our school will not be accepting men. Alumnae may recall the male students invited following World War II, but this time it's for real.
BIG NEWS, Co-education

Spotted: New Addition To Joss Beach
Have you passed by Joss Beach lately? If so, you've probably noticed the army tank that has been placed there. Sources tell us that the French government donated it to thank our students for helping the cause in World War II.
Spotted, Post-War, Joss

By Word of Mouth: Vassar and Jewett Don't Get Along
Unconfirmed, but we hear from an anonymous source that President Milo Jewett and founder Matthew Vassar haven't been getting along lately.
 By Word of Mouth, Matt Vassar, Jewett