January 5, 2011

Checking In With The Deece Cat

Mads spoke with Diane Dalton, the proud new owner of everyone's favorite campus celebrity, the Deece Cat, about how the cat is doing. Below, Ms. Dalton answers all the questions everyone wants to know, including why she adopted it, what its name is now, and how the cat likes it's new home.

"After a few months of seeing him outside ACDC and asking who this cat belonged to, a number of students and staff confirmed he was a stray or abandoned," Ms. Dalton tells us. "The cat was very friendly to all who passed and I felt bad he didn't have a home.  Once I determined the cat didn't belong to anyone on campus, I decided to adopt him."

Ms. Dalton and her family decided to maintain the cat's campus name. "We named him 'DeeCe,'" she says.

How does DeeCee like his new home? "DeeCe adjusted very nicely," Ms. Dalton says. "He has two golden retrievers, a cat and teenagers that accepted him openly.  We brought him to our vet who gave him a clean bill of health. His first night in our home he slept in, Nolan's, our youngest son's bed. What we find odd about DeeCe is he loves the bathroom sink. Anytime anyone walks into the bathroom, DeeCe races to get into the room first and dives into the sink and waits for us to turn the water on and he drinks and plays with the water.  DeeCe hunts daily in our back field by the pond, he meows at the back door when he wants to come in and sits in front of the cubbard where we keep the cat food when he wants to eat. He is very comfortable in his new home and he fits in well with our family."


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