January 30, 2011

Comedian Is Talking About Us Behind Our Backs

A Mads reader from Manhattan College tells us that when she went to an Aziz Ansari gig at Mohegan Sun the other night, the opener Joe Mande spent about ten minutes talking about his experience doing a show at Vassar. The anecdote involved a Campus Activities rep saying that Vassar students have "identity issues" and cautioning him against telling gay jokes or using racial slurs.

Yeah, probably for the best.

Update: Apparently the Vassar joke was a hit, as even Time Out: New York mentioned it in their recap of the event: "Strong opening sets from Joe Mande and Kristen Schaal. The former shared a mindblowing account of a Vassar student-activities director who threw him for a loop by requesting that he not perform any aggressively homophobic material during a recent appearance at the college."

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ViCE said...

This was back when i was the ViCE Guy. Mande was opening for John Mulaney. We've talked a lot about that incident since then - I explained to him that this was a direct response to Jo Koy's set from my Freshman year and he explained to me that that guy is a huge douchebag. Go Vassar!