January 31, 2011

Dispatches From A Vassar Grad In Egypt

D.C. Mungo '10 was living in Cairo, Egypt when the protests began on January 25th. While most of Egypt no longer has internet access, D.C. made it to Syria and has been updating his Twitter and Facebook accounts with personal anecdotes and information about what is going on. His account offers the unique perspective of a Vassar graduate of the increasingly serious situation. Here are some excerpts:

1/30/11 (Facebook)

I think this is the moment for el-Baradei to either cement his relevancy to Egypt's future or lose it forever.

1/30/11 (Facebook)
I'm in Syria now. So far it's not looking like things are going to explode here like everywhere else, though there are rumors about Feb 5th.

1/29/11 (Twitter)
Woke up yesterday morning seriously considering buying a plane ticket to Cairo. Why did I leave??

1/28/11 (Facebook)
For the rest of Egypt, I wish so much I were there with you. A feeble Facebook endorsement does little, but all the same, yalla ya misr, let's do this. I hope for nothing less than the peaceful change you need. But I also hope this opportunity is not lost for something meaningful.

1/28/11 (Facebook)

To my friends in Egypt: 
5 star hotels supposedly still have internet access as does anyone with the Noor Group internet provider bc it works with all the important US companies and the Egyptian Stock Exchange. Hopefully people are turning off the passwords for their wireless so try theirs if you find it! Let me know what's going on if ...you can and most of all, stay safe!

1/25/11 (Facebook)
Egypt blocked Twitter, and things have gotten more interesting though not as violent as the news articles are making it sound. Most of the protest groups around the city converged in Tahrir square. Protesters and police clashed with tear gas, water cannons, and very spare use of batons, but mostly people are standing around yelling "down with Mubarak" and such. Inspiring, but probably not enough to make a difference.

1/25/11 (Twitter)
just by looking at the pictures and judging from the tweets, can't tell how big this is (or is not) going to be...

1/25/11 (Twitter)
Big day of protests all over Cairo today echoing Tunis. Don't think it's going to be as pivotal as some expect, but gonna keep low anyway.

1/25/11 (Facebook)
Good luck today, Egypt.


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