January 27, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Last Summer's Twitter Parodies Return

Remember last summer's Twitter hoax when an anonymous person(s) made accounts for Cappy, Dean Roellke, Luis Inoa, and others? And then College Relations and Roellke told us they were fake? And then Vassar had the accounts suspended? Yeah, well, they're back.

This time however, the person/people behind the accounts isn't risking having the accounts suspended again. "This account is a PARODY and does not reflect the views or opinions of any person, entity, or corporeal being which has, does, or ever will exist," a note says under the new account name, cappy_vcparody.

While only the Cappy account is functioning, there is a new parody account, wUpsCDCvassar.

"We hope to broadcast light humor on a regular basis," the creator(s) tells us.

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