January 31, 2011

More White Stuff To Hit Campus (Updated)

No, we're not talking about that hallway in Main.

As you probably know by now, yet another snowstorm is expected for tomorrow (Tuesday). The National Weather Service in Albany has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the area from 6 a.m. Tuesday to 6 a.m. Thursday. We can expect heavy snow (8-16 inches), sleet, and freezing rain.

There was a time not too long ago when snow actually seemed like a good thing. Students would hurry out of classes to build snowmen and go traying. Now it seems like everyone is just counting down until spring.

Update: Apparently administration is taking the imminent storm very seriously. D.B. Brown just sent out an all-campus email giving students instructions in case their is a power blackout. He also recommends that students prepare "go bags."

Update #2: The Vassar Twittersphere is already abuzz with #blackout2011 and #gobag tweets.


VASSAR said...

We've got snow, people!

Respire said...

Fire alarms and go bags, what a weekend!