January 30, 2011

The Reason Why Sexycentennial Ended Early

There are lots of rumors about why last night's highly anticipated Sexycentennial party ended around 1am.

According to Ruby Cramer '12, who helped organize the event, the fire alarm went off because someone ripped a fire extinguisher from the wall and after the alarm, security thought it would be too difficult to get everyone back inside and declared the party over.

"I got to play 15 minutes of my set before the fire alarm went off," DJ Respire tells Mads. "Ayres didn't get to play again (he was supposed to play at the Shiva Rave last semester), though he was able to play for several hours at a house party afterward."

Around 5am DJ Ayres tweeted, "I LOVE COLLEGE!" and today at noon, "Fight for your right to party."

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