February 8, 2011

All College Day Needs Participants

Here is a message from the Campus Life and Diversity Office and the Campus Life Resource Group about the upcoming All College Day event:

Sesquicentennial Perspectives
Wednesday, February 23
College Center and Villard Room
10am - 9pm

"All College Day is coming----featuring the traditional Mural Project, a Soup and Substance Discussion at noon, the afternoon community gathering with table exhibits by campus groups and offices, a faculty panel on Sesquicentennial perspectives to highlight Vassar's history, and a 7pm All College Day Jam in the Retreat South Atrium.

Want to participate? Participants are needed for the lively All College Day Jam at 7pm!  Artistic presentations, song, dance, readings, and more.  What can you contribute in the way of expressions that contribute to our 11th All College Day? Each participant will have 5-7 minutes to show their stuff. Contact gabeckwith[at]vassar.edu to sign up.

All College Day originated in 2001 after a racial incident involving offensive language and is meant to bring the campus together as an expression of community and collective work to build an affirming and respective campus.  We hope that you will join us in this effort.  A full schedule of All College Day will be posted soon.

Sponsored by the Campus Life and Diversity Office and the Campus Life Resource Group. Click here for more information."


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