February 3, 2011

Announcing The Founder's Day Theme Options!

The biggest event of the year (or maybe the last 150 years) is rapidly approaching and now it's up to you to vote for a theme! The Founder's Day Committee have set up a survey with the following choices and descriptions.

"The classic Founder's Day theme returns. And who doesn't want to watch Jurassic Park?"

Back to the Future: Tricentennial
"This year we've all been so focused on celebrating Vassar's past. Why not imagine it in the future? What will Vassar be like in another 150 years? Hint: it probably involves robots."

"Glowing everything. Daft Punk. The future. The ultimate game." 

"The final frontier."

Birthday Party
"The first Founder's Day in 1866 celebrated Matthew Vassar's seventy-fourth birthday. As Vassar turns 150, let's celebrate with a gigantic birthday party!"

"The zodiac has been a hot topic recently, so why not honor the signs we have come to know and love over the past 150 years...no matter what they will be in 150 years from now?"

Vintage Vassar/1800s
"What was the world like at the time Vassar was founded?"

Vassar Superheroes
"A sesquicentennial take on the classic theme. What if famous people from Vassar history are superheros? Matthew Vassar as a potion master? Maria Mitchell has telescopic vision? Today's faculty and administrators can be the sidekicks. Imagine the comic book-themed decorations and the countless movies we can screen."

Poll closes on Sunday at midnight.