February 18, 2011

BREAKING: Fatal Shooting On Main Street (UPDATED)

Director of Safety and Security Don Marsala just sent out an all-campus email about a shooting in downtown Poughkeepsie.Apparently police are everywhere. "Please avoid that area until later in the day," Marsala writes.

According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, a cop was shot, the suspect is dead and three other cops are injured.

Routes 44 and 55 and Main Street are all largely inaccessible.

Update 3:59PM: The shooting was on lower Main Street, the PoJo reports. Main Street is closed, as is access to the train station. A press conference will begin at any minute at City Hall.

Update 4:05: No message about delays or closures on the Metro-North website. Wall Street Journal coverage here. The shooting happened at 1pm in a parking lot by the train station at 56 Main Street.

[Google Maps]
Update 6:16: The PoJo is now reporting that the police officer is not dead, but in serious critical condition after being shot in the head. That officer is 43-years-old and has 20 years of experience. A second officer dislocated his shoulder. The suspect and his wife are dead.

"The suspect was holding a 3-year-old child when confronted by police. The child was handed off to a witness and is now in the custody of police. A woman sitting in a car nearby during the incident was shot dead."

The entire ordeal unfolded in five minutes.

The train station is now open and trains are operating on schedule.

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