February 23, 2011

Everyone Is Reading "The Chronicle"

Despite printing twice as many copies this semester, MICA's Chronicle is almost fully distributed. Here is an exclusive statement from MICA:

"The Chronicle's supply of Issue 2 is down to just 50 copies from our initial run of 1,000 (double that of the pilot issue), having personally handed out about 900 copies Monday and Tuesday in the Retreat, ACDC, and elsewhere across campus.

Thanks, Vassar, for helping to make The Chronicle's resurrection such a success--the next edition will be out in approximately a month's time. In the meantime, those interested in being published in or working with The Chronicle can contact VassarChronicle[at]gmail.com. You can also contact that email address for a copy of the paper."


Mystitat said...

I think it's important to remember that these numbers might be a little misleading. While the Misc and other publications sit in their little piles on benches in the dorms and the college center, people were literally handing out the Chronicle to people passing by. If the Chronicle were sitting in piles to be picked up, they probably wouldn't have "sold" so many copies as they have by now. I'm not making any comment on the content of the publication, just that the producers made the barrier to entry of getting a Chronicle much lower than other campus publications.

guanabana said...

I agree with Mystitat. I think claiming that "Everyone is Reading 'The Chronicle'" is highly misleading, especially since the vast majority of Chronicles were handed out to prospective students and their parents--people who are not part of the Vassar community (though they may be soon).

Nothing against the Chronicle, but handing papers out to prospies who don't know what they are being handed, as opposed to them making the choice to pick it up, does not equal high readership.

Anonymous said...

Hey all, fair points. I just wanted to say we wanted to distribute this way because wanted to stand behind the publication, and we were interested in taking a more active role in the distribution than the Miscellany does. We're a start-up publication so we have to be a little more forward than the Misc., so that was our thinking there.

However, I want to clear up that the vast majority of Chronicles were not handed out to prospective students. Some of us handed out papers to a few prospective students, but we did not hand out the vast majority of our 1000 issue collection to non-students. And even so I didn't see over 500 prospective students on campus.

In any case, we revised our statement because we all felt it was too self-congratulatory, when our intention in writing to Mads was really just to let people know they can contact us for an issue if they didn't get one, and also that we're looking for writers. Not to mislead or boast.

-- Steve

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