February 21, 2011

Exclusive: Second Issue Of Chronicle Available Tomorrow

Our friends in MICA just let us know that the second issue of their newspaper Chronicle will be available tomorrow. More importantly, they tell us the publication will now come out monthly.

Here is an exclusive statement from the organization about the new issue:

"The Chronicle will be tabling Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the Retreat (lunch) and ACDC (dinner) to distribute this year's second edition. Having secured funding from the VSA to resurrect the journal following our success with the pilot edition, we will be able to publish monthly this semester with more content and more copies than before. We are really excited about tomorrow's edition, which features two retrospectives from Vassar alumni abroad in Egypt, Office Hours with Professor Fubing Su, an uncomfortable interrogation of the reasons why we changed our colors from the College's historically symbolic pink and gray, and a look at the new Palmer gallery exhibition with a critical eye toward the loss of Vassar's summer-abroad programs--all part of 20 pages of content. Hopefully it'll spark thought, discussion, and letters to the Editor."

MICA group brought back the paper, a Vassar publication started in 1944, last semester. The return was both successful and controversial. All five hundred copies sold out within a few hours, although an editor had to post a statement on Facebook to defend the publication.

We first leaked that MICA would be reviving the publication in 2009.


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