February 16, 2011

Injured Deer Needs Your Help (UPDATED)

The Vassar Animal Rights Coalition sent out an email last night to its members about an injured deer on campus:

"There is a deer on campus right by the admissions building. She broke her front right leg and needs help. People should help to refill her orange-red bucket of water with WARM water. It keeps turning to ice, so make sure you make the water sort of warm. Also giving her fruits and veggies is a good idea. We are working on getting her deer feed and hay."

Update: Director of Safety and Security Don Marsala tells us that feeding the deer is actually against the law. Read more here.


Anonymous said...

This is an outmoded and pathetic answer to allow a fellow creature on earth to suffer in such a way.
If we broke a leg, or say an ankle as I did on a recent snowboard/ski trip to Vt during winter break I am glad they did not just say to me.."We shall just let nature take it's course with her."

Stop The Barbarism people, act now and go AGAINST The rules when the rules are wrong.
A very ired upset PETA member and concerned Sophomore student @ Vassar.

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