February 16, 2011

It Was A Big Day For Ira Glass

As Ira Glass mentioned in his lecture last night, yesterday was a big day for him and his program, This American Life. He not only spoke at Vassar, but he also got international coverage for apparently revealing the secret recipe of Coca Cola. 

TAL apparently came across the recipe in a 1979 article of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but according to the L.A. Times, Coca Cola denies that it is the true secret recipe.

L.A. Times also reports that the TAL website was down for some time yesterday, possible because of all the traffic. They also could not get in touch with a rep - because he was busy at Vassar!

More coverage: Yahoo News, Huffington Post, CBS, Gawker.

Hey, if there's one thing Vassar likes, it's a good Coca Cola scandal.

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