February 19, 2011

Latest Poughkeepsie Shooting Developments

You've probably heard by now that there was a serious shooting near the Poughkeepsie train station yesterday, which is only a ten minute drive from campus and on Vassar's community shuttle route.

Today there are some new developments. The Poughkeepsie Journal confirms that a 44-year-old police officer who responded to the confrontation is dead. In addition, it was the suspect who fatally shot his wife in the car. The suspect and his wife were not from the area.

This article talks about the scene at Mahoney's at the time of the shooting, which is located right by the train station and has become a popular Vassar hang out with events like Meet Me At Mahoney's.

We've put together a timeline of the event, which unfolded in only five minutes:
  • 1:07PM Police officer responds to a report of gunfire from a parking lot at 56 Main Street. The officer is stationed a block and a half away. A man had shot his wife in a car.
  • The policeman confronts the suspect and removes a 3-year-old child from him. Childless, the suspect flees towards the train station.
  • More police arrive. A shoot-out takes place on Railroad Avenue, during which the initial officer is shot in the head, the suspect is shot, and a second officer is injured.
  • The officers are taken to Vassar Brothers Hospital. The first officer is in critical condition. The second officer dislocated his shoulder.
  • The suspect is taken to Saint Francis Hospital.
  • 2:10PM The suspect is dead.
  • The first officer is dead.
  • Main Street and the train station are closed for several hours.
The child is in custody of the police. A second press conference is scheduled to begin in half an hour.

CNN has the story here, although it doesn't have any new information. Same with CBS, here. New York Times here.


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