February 5, 2011

Live Blogging The Snooki Book Signing

We're at the Poughkeepsie Barnes & Noble awaiting the Princess of Poughkeepsie herself, Jersey Shore's Snooki. We'll be live blogging what promises to be an eventful afternoon. Scroll to the bottom for the most recent update.

1:55PM Eating at the DC and just got word of the book signing. On our way!

2:20 Arrived at B and N. The parking lot is a nightmare and the line inside the store is at least 200 long. Everyone has to buy Snooki's book, A Shore Thing, in order to get a bracelet and wait in line. We're told she isn't here yet and will stay until 4PM.

2:40 An employee is explaining how to present your book to Snooki to make it easiest. A few Vassar students are in line. The crowd is pretty mixed - mostly middle school girls and their parents.

2:50 Chapter titles include "That New Guy Smell," "You've Got Some Shell On Your Boob," "Vin Diesel Is Hotter Than Jesus," "Penises Look Bigger Underwater."

3:00 She's here and wearing a pink shirt, according to the ten-year-old girl in front of us.

3:20 Minutes away! Can't really type or breathe.

3:23 She's stationed right between the Romance and Sci-Fi sections. That somehow makes sense.

4:13 Back at Vassar and starting to come down from the euphoria. Here is how our conversation with Snooki went down:

Snooki: (sarcastically)Yeah...
Mads: Welcome back to Poughkeepsie!
Snooki: Thanks.
Mads: Vassar College loves you! 
Snooki: Oh, great.

She looked really...normal. No poof, no crazy tan, just a normal small pretty girl. It only took about an hour and a half of waiting in line. The B&N staff and a few policeman did a surprisingly impressive job of keeping the crowd moving.

4:30 Here is the Poughkeepsie Journal's pre-coverage of the event.


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