February 16, 2011

Newest Campus Crush: Ira Glass

Well, one thing is clear after perusing Twitter this morning: Vassar students are now obsessed with Ira Glass. Here is what people are saying:
  • "Got to watch Ira Glass speak today. Had a total NPRgasm."
  • "Saw Ira Glass speak at my school tonight. He's pretty awesome. He had music and everything."
  • "I came into the lecture with a childhood grudge against Ira Glass and came out thinking its the best lecture I've seen at Vassar."
  • "IRA GLASS is the greatest."
  • "Every time Ira Glass giggled, I wanted to take another piece of clothing off. Also p.s. best lecture I've seen at Vassar"
  • "ira glass at vassar. it was pretty dope"
  • "Ira Glass at Vassar. #fuckyeah
  • "Kind of have a huge crush on ira"

And those who didn't make it to the lecture are expressing their dismay:
  • "can't believe I missed Ira Glass speak. also can't believe I didn't know who he was until today.
  • dammit. sorry i missed it!"
  • "I wish I wasn't such a walking biological weapon right now so I could go to this awesome lecture"

Meanwhile, Vassar students aren't the only ones talking about Ira Glass today...

Update: We just got this email and picture from a reader: "For the person who posted about stripping as Ira giggled, here's a picture I took of Ira giggling last night. Pretty adorable."


Sarah said...
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v$$r said...

more like BUGological Weapon