February 10, 2011

No, Taylor Swift Isn't Coming

Posters went up all over campus this week advertising a Taylor Swift concert, hosted by ViCE. But after speaking to two reps for the org, we can confirm that the event is a hoax.

The posters read "Taylor Swift: The No Makeup Show" and feature a picture the pop/country singer without makeup. The event is advertised for April 9th on Noyes Circle, the site of ViCE's spring concert in 2009. The official ViCE logo is on the poster.

No word yet on who is behind the bogus posters. Maybe it's an a cappella or comedy troupe performance, although the only event on the Campus Calendar for that night is the annual Roaring Twenties party.


Anonymous said...


Jaz said...

Taylor doesn't look that bad without makeup...

Anonymous said...

look a little older.i think if she doesn't wear make-up,she is not beautiful.

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