February 24, 2011

Vassar's Jane Fonda Legend On NYT Blog

The New York Times' City Room blog has a post today devoted entirely to Vassar's admissions tours and legends. The post mostly discusses the Jane Fonda story, which claims the actress went to tea time in Main wearing nothing but white gloves and pearls. To the dismay of prospective Vassar students everywhere, the Dean of Admissions admits the story is just a legend:

"Dean Borus, when asked about the episode involving Ms. Fonda, acknowledged that 'tour guides always have favorite stories, some of which are campus legend and some of which are true.' A few years back, he explained, the Jane Fonda story was run by a campus historian, and it was found to be false."

For the record, we debunked the Jane Fonda story back in 2008. And NYT devoted another article to the it back in 1989.

The post also quotes tour guide Cory Epstein '13 about his experiences.

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