February 27, 2011

Memo Leaked...Big Changes May Be Coming To The VSA Council

According to a student in the know, the VSA Council is discussing making major changes to the way it operates. 

One proposed change is for house presidents to no longer sit on Council. Instead, they would elect three representatives, or "Senators." This idea got mixed responses from current Council members.

"I’m just thinking that if we can’t even fill a class council without having some significantly less dedicated members, will we be able to find six consistently awesome delegates for each class along with all of the other leadership going on around campus?" wrote a class president.

Another member, who is an executive officer, thinks the proposed system would be effective: "The new system would open up positions to anyone who is truly interested in student government, and would have a great deal of value in uniting the campus." The student adds, "It’s been proven basically impossible to make the VSA 'more open,' as it stands."

Another executive member: "A House President and a Council Senator would attract completely different people--the former: individuals passionate about the house and residential life, as well as attracted to the role of a figurehead; the latter: those interested in policy with little association to a House or specific population."

Another proposed change is for the creation of a second council body, possibly consisting of the heads of campus organizations. One exec member has a problem with this: "I can quickly see this devolving to organizational power struggles, where certain orgs: such as ViCE, are always pitted against other organizations looking to increase their budgets." The student continues by likening this system to "allowing Corporations a third house in congress."
Other ideas for changes include "removing fund applications from the primary duties of the VSA" and getting class credit for positions.


William said...

I think this is a terrible idea. The VSA hasn't done anything of substance this year and they're clearly getting desperate.

arhall7 said...

I think this is a great idea. It will allow the House Presidents to actually focus on their Houses.

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