February 28, 2011

What Everyone Is Saying About Anne Hathaway

Vassar dropout Anne Hathaway co-hosted the Academy Awards last night and now the internet is abuzz with reviews. How did she do? Let's just say she's no Billy Crysal.

Fox News: “So the Academy hired two young hip actors to host the Oscars. Someone should have told them they also needed to hire writers.

Moviefone: "The 83rd Academy Awards were not so 'young and hip' after all, more like 'geriatric and limping along.'
CBS: "Let's be honest: Hathaway's dance of the brown duck didn't really work."
Here is the opening sequence. You be the judge.


Sarah N. said...

Hathaway was not great, but she was much more entertaining than her (stoned?) co-host Franco. I had a class with Anne when she was still at Vassar, and she is charming & sweet. Quite bright, too, which makes it all the greater pity that she left VC.

v$$r said...

A. James Franco was definitely not stoned. He was looking better than ever and was much funnier than Hathaway.
B. Anna Hathaway's jokes could not have been more awkward and forced.

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