February 24, 2011

What Is "Theory Of Flight Project"?

You may have gotten the quarter-sheet about Theory of Flight Project in your mailbox the other day. So what does it mean? Here is a statement from a student behind the project:

"A group of Vassar students composed of musicians, photographers, web designers and media consultants, organizers and marketers, and passionate fans is building The Theory of Flight - first album of Nina Vyedin and the Undergraduates - from the ground up. The writing, recording, mixing, designing, and marketing are all open to anyone who wants to get involved, help out, or even just listen to the music. Check out www.theoryofflightproject.org, and, if you like the free pre-release song, go ahead and donate a few bucks so you get an album delivered to your mailbox in late March."

The album is currently being recorded in weekly sessions in Skinner. One of the musicians involved describes the style of music as "Joni Mitchell and Franz Schumann's illegitimate child meets Josh Ritter in a British pub. Beautiful things ensue."


Nina said...
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Nina said...

Hehe it was supposed to be Franz Schubert. Gotta love how things get lost in translation. :-)

Thanks for the plug,
Nina & the ToF team

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