February 28, 2011

Which Band Calls Vassar The Coolest College On The Planet?

In an interview published today for Prefix Magazine, Dom calls Vassar "the coolest fucking college on the planet." Here is what the group says about their gig here last May:

Q: How'd that collaboration with Cults come about?

A: We got booked for a show at Vassar College--which, by the way, is the coolest fucking college on the planet--and we went there not knowing what the hell was going on. We'd just played basement shows and parties and stuff [at that point]. When we got there, we saw all these big buzzbands were playing--Screaming Females, Twin Sister, Cults, Washed Out. [Cults] and Twin Sister seemed to be the chillest out of everybody. Everybody else was either too chillwave or something, they got a hipster boner up their ass. I just knew right away that they were down, because we went to their room and they introduced me to a game that they like to play called "Avoid the Knife." Which consists of, pretty much, you stand on the opposite end of the table from somebody and you throw a knife at them, and you have to avoid it, and you just do that back and forth. So I was like, these kids know how to party, these kids are really cool, I like them. After that we just starting hanging out more often, they had us by their spot. We had a friendship.


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