February 1, 2011

Your Daily Snowpocalypse Round-Up

With all of the cancellations and emergency emails, you'd think the world was ending. Here is a round-up of the day's events.
  • College administrative offices and College Center stores, including the Bookstore, were announced closed at the start of the work day. The Shuttle was not running.
  • Dean Chenette sent out an all-campus email letting students know the "add" period has been extended to Thursday.
  • The college did not officially cancel classes, although many teachers chose to. Most of the classes that remained in session were more empty than usual.
  • People went hungry. The Kiosk and Express Lunch were closed and only one vendor showed up for Tasty Tuesday. Tonight, the Retreat is only partially open and UpCCafé is closed.
We're not in the clear just yet. An ice storm is expected for tonight and the Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until Thursday at 6 a.m. Do you have your "go bag" packed?