March 31, 2011

CIS Takes On "Old Spice" Commercials

This clip has been around for a few months, but it's worth checking out if you haven't done so already. Here is CIS's take on those awesomely bizarre Old Spice commercials.

Students Petitioning For VSA Referendum

Last week, students joined in opposition to the proposed VSA changes, which the VSA Council ultimately voted down. Now, however, students calling themselves Students for a VSA That Matters will be tabling today and tomorrow in the College Center, asking students to sign a petition in order to get a student referendum on the changes. If there are 350 signatures, the referendum would begin on April 8th.

"We really want to make sure people understand the changes and how they will improve our experiences as students at Vassar before signing," a student involved in organizing the petition tells Mads.

Here is what the petition states:

"The VSA Council is the representative student body of this campus, yet so many voices cannot be included in the current structure. This restructuring would change Council to be more inclusive and effective. These amendments will:
  • Open up avenues for participation in the student government, giving space to students who are passionate about campus issues but do not want the responsibility of running a house team.
  • Strengthen the ability for residential presidents to address house issues more effectively on the New Residence Council.
  • Allow VSA Council to address meaningful campus-wide policies.
Therefore, we demand a referendum for the adoption of Article VII--"VSA Senators" and Article VIII--"Residence Council" to the VSA Constitution."

Video Of Yesterday's Albany Protest

Here are two clips of the student protests in the state capitol building yesterday, which Vassar students attended. In the first clip protesters are shouting, "Tell me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!"

Kathryn "Have-A-Good" Porter Passed Away

Kathryn Porter, the ACDC cashier known to many as "Have A Good," passed away on Sunday at the age of 72. Porter, who stopped working at Vassar after the DC changed to an all-you-care-to-eat system in Fall 2008, had been suffering from illness. Members of the Vassar community attended her wake yesterday, sources tell Mads.

The funeral is being held this morning at 10 A.M. She will be buried in Hyde Park shortly after.

Porter's obituary in the Poughkeepsie Journal lists bingo and crossword puzzles as hobbies of hers.

"We in Campus Dining were sad to hear of the death of Kathryn Porter," says Maureen King, Senior Director of Campus Dining, in an exclusive statement to Mads. "Kathryn loved her job and her interaction with the students. She was fond of the nickname the students gave her. She will be missed."

Porter was known for being a tough cookie in her role as cashier, but she never let anyone leave her station without wishing them to "Have a good."

Porter is the second Vassar icon to pass away this school year, following beloved former security guard Betty Francis in December.

March 30, 2011

Students Are Storming The Capital Today

[Capitol building, Flickr]
According to Facebook and several email chains, Vassar student activists are teaming up with SUNY students to "storm the capital" today in protest of budget cuts to state and other educational institutions.

Students left from Main at 10am for New Paltz, where they boarded a bus to Albany. They will spend the night in the Capitol and leave tomorrow afternoon.

The state announced the budget cuts on Sunday. "We must show up in force at the Capitol and peacefully but passionately have our voices heard. We must make clear that this budget is unacceptable to students and must be stopped," states another Facebook event page for the protest. What do the protesting students plan to do? "We will...march into the Capitol, to the top of the Million Dollar Staircase, where we will drop banners, hold a press conference, conduct a student speak out and peacefully remain in the Capitol with our allies as long as it takes to have our voices heard and stop the cuts."

The Dutch Is Now Billy Bob's BBQ

Last Thursday we posted about how the Dutch Cabin would be going over to new ownership. The co-owner told us that everything would be the same, but couldn't comment on whether there would be a name change. On Monday the new owners moved in and changed the name to Billy Bob's BBQ.

According to the restaurant's Facebook page, Billy Bob's is currently closed for renovations, but will be open on Thursday.

Update 3/30 12:00PM: We just drove by and it looks like they're doing a fair about of work inside. Will it still look like the same Dutch we've come to know and (usually) love?

March 28, 2011

Tweets From Last Night: VSA Council Meeting

What do students do when they're stuck in a five-and-a-half-hour VSA Council meeting discussing changes that could drastically affect the school? They tweet about it. Here are some of the best.

A Message From "Slow Food Vassar"

Here is a message from Slow Food Vassar, a new student organization that aims to provide students with clean, local, and naturally, and sustainably raised foods. The group is an official chapter of Slow Food USA and hopes to be certified by the VSA soon.

"We are offering to cater food to any student organization or group of people who want good food, and also hope to support local and completely natural food.  Our food is thoughtfully prepared using ingredients exclusively from local farms and farmers we know.

We also plan to have cooking workshops and classes, such as a samosa and chutney workshop within a couple of weeks, and free slow food dinners for anyone who wants to attend."

The group has also started the Vassar Raw Milk Co-op, "a means for students and faculty to obtain raw milk from grass-fed cows, and pastured eggs from naturally-raised chickens, on a weekly basis." The dairy products come from Shunpike Dairy in Millbrook, NY.

According to a statement from the group, the goal of the co-op is: 
  • To furnish students and the Vassar community with the means of acquiring real, natural, unpasteurized, unhomogenized, pastured, grass-fed, raw milk
  • To support local, clean, and sustainable agriculture
  • To exercise our right to freedom of food choice
  • To raise awareness throughout the Vassar community about the health and environmental benefits of drinking raw milk, and the consequences of drinking pasteurized milk

You can sign up for the co-op here and check out the group's blog and Facebook page.

Check out the comments section for this post to see more information about the benefits of drinking raw milk. Finally, be sure to check out our Vassar Munch microblog for more information about food at Vassar.

PoJo Article On Vassar's Commencement Speaker

The Poughkeepsie Journal has an article today on this year's Commencement speaker, Chip Reid '77.

Need Help Moving And Storing Dorm Stuff?

Here is a message from the Vassar student rep for BoxMyDorm, a college storage and shipping service.

"BoxMyDorm is run by a company called MadTravelers, a business started five years ago by college students who wanted to take the stress out of moving in and out. BoxMyDorm will pick your stuff up, store it (or ship it home), and then re-deliver it when school starts back up again. All of their packages come with insurance out the butt, and they'll ship your stuff pretty much anywhere. Also, if you sign up before April 1st, you get a free move-out kit! The code for the kit is Freekit2011.

They're online at, but there's also a BoxMyDorm - Vassar page on Facebook, and anyone who has any questions, comments, or concerns can email me at nobogdonoff[at]!"

VSA Council Votes Down Major Constitutional Changes

In a five and a half hour meeting last night, the VSA Council voted down Article VII of the proposed constitutional changes. The article would have created a "senator" system. Fourteen members voted in favor and nine opposed, but the article needed 2/3 majority.

Most house presidents - whose position would drastically change if the article passed - voted no. All of the executive board voted yes.

Many non-council member students showed up after a Facebook group urged students to voice their opinions.

"There's some talk of a student-body referendum to implement the revision, but the hurdles are steep and it could be profoundly destabilizing to the upcoming elections," a council member who was present at the meeting tells Mads.

The article proposing a separate "Residence Council" was not voted on.
"It pretty much depended on the Senator vote, although there is some interest in creating something similar to the residence council despite the absence of a senator system," the insider says.

Founder's Day Unveils New Logo

The Founder's Day committee updated their Twitter profile with one of this year's merchandise logos. It features the silhouette of a woman in Victorian dress holding two foaming beer steins. More images will be released as the merch goes on sale in mid-April, insiders tell Mads.

We're also told that the music lineup will soon be announced. Check Twitter for updates.

Quote Of The Day

"The main reason I went to Vassar College was because it had recently gone from a women's school to co-ed, and I figured I had a good chance of having sex. That didn't materialise [sic]."

- Professional pick-up artist and Vassar drop-out Neil Strauss in an article today for The Sydney Morning Herald.

March 26, 2011

Vassar Greens Announce The "Tap That!" Competition

The Vassar Greens are announcing a new competition, Tap That!, in which students can buy water bottles and might find a golden ticket inside. Here is more information from the group:

"The Tap That! table is in the college center every Wednesday and Friday selling water bottles for $5, and inside might be a golden ticket! There are 3 possible tickets to find during the competition. Each golden ticket is redeemable for one water-related prize basket. The three prizes are:

Hot Water Basket: This includes a water-heater as well as hot water treats like hot chocolate mix and tea.

Cold Water Basket: This includes a Brita water filter as well as delicious water additives like flavoring and iced tea.

Fruit Smoothie Basket: This includes a blender as well as delicious ingredients for your favorite fruit smoothies.

You can also sign our pledge to reduce your use of bottled water at the table or online at"

Students Raise Almost $1K For Japan Relief

The student group Vassar Japan Relief has raised $900 from tabling this week, according to a Facebook message from a student rep. The money will go to victims of Japan's Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

March 25, 2011

This Weekend On Campus...It's Friday, Friday Edition

Sorry for the inevitable Rebecca Black reference. But as she says, this weekend should be "fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun." Here is our weekly list of events worth checking out. Email madsvassar [at] for publicity.

Japan Teach-In, 3:30pm Rocky 300
Purim Celebration, 6pm Bayit
Limit Show, 9pm Sanders
Class of 2011 presents 50 Nights: Blackout, 10pm Mug

Limit Show, 9pm Sanders
FlyPeople Mug Night, 10pm Mug
Last Call, 10:30pm UpC

March 24, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Dutch Cabin Will Stay Open, But Changing Owners

After hearing a horrific rumor that off-campus hotspot the Dutch Cabin was closing, we spoke to a rep for the establishment who tells us it will be going under new ownership next week, but Vassar students need not worry. "Everything's gonna be the same," said Aldo, the current co-owner.

The Dutch, popular with students on Thursday nights for its $1 beer specials, had been listed on real estate websites for some time. We first posted about the listing over a year ago on Twitter.

Aldo assures us that the Thursday night specials will continue and recognizes the Dutch's place in Vassar's nightlife.

Student Seminars Playing It Safe This Semester

The college announced the options for student seminars yesterday, and to our disappointment there is nothing as scandalous as the quickly-canceled Language of Ladies course a few semesters ago. Instead, students can learn how to draw cartoons, play rock-paper-scissors, or be a drag queen. Here is a summary of the seminars offered:

Irish fiddle: "Intertwining both cultural context and actual musical experience, this course will present a comprehensive overview of the tradition, its history, and its role in society today."

Neil Gaiman: "This course will focus on finding the common thread that links the works of Gaiman in an attempt to understand the workings of one of today’s most talented minds."

Cartooning Workshop: "Introduces ways to draw cartoony facial (and body) expressions simply and effectively."

Barbershop Singing: "This course aims to teach all interested about the art and craft of barbershop harmony."

Why the Divide: "Why the divide between the natural sciences and the humanities? This mini course is going to challenge our understanding of the liberal education and nuance the role of natural sciences and humanities in our everyday lives."

Rock, Paper, Scissors: "We want to teach this course to spread our joy and knowledge of the wonderful game that is rock-paper-scissors." (But will they teach you how to dress like rock-paper-scissors?)

The Art of Drag: "This course aims to educate and entertain by exploring the dazzling arts of illusion, performance, and character."

Update: Sorry, we missed one. An Introduction to Crowley Thoth Tarot: "This course is designed to give you a more in-depth look into the art of the tarot by exposing you to this more profound and scientific side of the tarot."

Did You Know That Vassar Is Haunted?

[Pratt House, via]
A new article from Hudson Valley Hauntings focuses on Vassar, stating that there are ghosts in Main Building and Pratt House, home to Dean Roellke. From the article:

"Legend has it that [Matthew Vassar] haunts the fourth floor of Main, as some students and college employees have claimed to have seen a man dressed in 19th Century attire. In addition, sightings of Matthew Vassar have been reported on the campus grounds, usually around dusk or dawn."

"Main is also said to be haunted by a few former students. Those currently attending Vassar have claimed to see young women dressed in Victorian attire on both the third and fourth floors of the building. Aside from actual sightings, there have been reports of footsteps and doors opening and closing when clearly no one else was around."

"Perhaps the most famous ghost on campus is the spirit who resides within Pratt House... The finicky spirit is alleged to only pester people who are visiting, leaving students and faculty alone. Individuals who have spent the night in Pratt House have claimed to have had all sorts of ghostly encounters, including hearing voices, being touched, and even being shaken awake."

The Hudson Valley is known for its haunted tales. Filmmaker Tim Burton, who lived in Poughkeepsie for some time, once said, "You can go to lots of places in Europe and feel haunted, but the Hudson Valley's got a very strong feeling of that, too."

What We're Reading: Vassar Photos From The '30s

The blog for the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center's just posted pictures from a 1930s Life magazine article on Vassar.

March 23, 2011

Students Rallying Against VSA Changes

Students have created the Facebook group Solidarity Against VSA Changes to voice opposition against the proposed changes to the VSA Council announced earlier this week. The page already has 57 attendees who will go to the council meeting on Sunday and "show them that we're still here, and we disagree."

We spoke to council member and Main house president Boyd Gardner '12 about the proposed changes and student response. "The feedback I've gotten from my constituents and in conversation with other students has been universally negative, but I'm looking forward to a lively and (hopefully) productive discussion on Sunday," he tells Mads. "I think we've concluded that the current Council is far from ideal, but we should take a serious look at alternative, less-radical solutions that could improve the VSA without undermining our unique system of residential representation."

BREAKING: Chip Reid '77 Is Commencement Speaker

[Media Research Center]
The Miscellany News just announced that Chip Reid '77 is this year's Commencement speaker. Reid is a White House correspondent for CBS.

This year's announcement came later than in previous years. Last year, Vassar announced that Lisa Kudrow would be speaking in early February.

This is the second year in a row that a Vassar graduate is speaking, but Reid is the first male graduate to ever give the address.

Click here to see Reid's official CBS profile.

Commencement will be on May 22nd.

Free Food Right Now (From Vassar Munch)

As we posted on our Vassar Munch microblog...

One of the most impressive free food spreads we have ever seen is available in the library right now. The Digital Media Zone (DMZ) has three tables of food, including popcorn, veggies, fruit, dip, soda, bottled water, and an impressive cheese assortment. You can also get free tote bags, pens, and enter in a contest for an iTunes gift certificate.

Definitely worth checking out!

Make sure to follow Vassar Munch to stay in the know about free food on campus.

Screening Of Oscar-Winning Doc Today

Today, the Film, Anthropology, and Sociology departments are presenting a special screening of Inside Job, which won this year's Oscar for best documentary. A Q&A with associate producer Anna Moot-Levin '07 will follow.

Today (Wednesday), 6:15pm Blodgett Auditorium.

A Look At The Proposed VSA Changes

On Sunday night, the VSA Council dramatically re-structured its constitution and bylaws, creating new positions and a new council body. The restructuring will continue at this week's council meeting. Chances are you won't have time to go through the 48 pages of documents, so here is a brief look at some of the changes.

As first mentioned in the memos we leaked in February, the constitution now includes "senators." These fifteen students are "members of the VSA Council not on the VSA Executive Board," consisting of three students per class year (including the President) and an additional three appointed by the Residence Council (see below). There will now be six class officers, including the senators, rather than four.

Notably, also as leaked, house presidents will no longer sit on council and a second council body is established. The constitution now calls for a "Residence Council," consisting of house and senior housing presidents. This council of fourteen members will meet once a week and has the power to draft and recommend legislation to the VSA Council. Three of these members will serve as senators on the main council.

March 22, 2011

Get Your Of Montreal Tickets Tomorrow

Here is a message from ViCE about the tickets for of Montreal, which go on sale tomorrow:

"Vassar's Spring Concert is here! ViCE Presents: of Montreal with The Knocks! April 23rd/Walker Field House/Doors @ 9pm.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, March 23rd at 3pm in the College Center. This is for student-priced tickets only, all you need is a Vassar I.D (students, administration and faculty, anyone with an Vassar I.D) and $18. We will be accepting CASH and V-CASH, and you will be able to buy a maximum of 1 ticket per I.D; you can have as many I.Ds as you want with you (so if a friend can't buy his/her own ticket, you can buy it for them!)

More info here. Tickets for the public are available here."

Awkward...Vassar Isn't In Hillary's Initiative

Yesterday we posted about the initiative Hillary Clinton is launching to create a partnership between the State Department and the Seven Sister schools. The Daily Beast named Vassar as one of the schools involved, but according to The Chronicle of Higher Education - and confirmed by a Vassar rep - it turns out that only five of the schools are participating and not Vassar.

March 21, 2011

Hillary Clinton To Partner With Vassar And Other Sisters

On Friday Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that she is establishing a partnership between the State Department and the Seven Sister schools, to be called the Women and Public Service Initiative.

According to The Daily Beast, "the program will provide education, leadership, and information for governments, societies, and individuals concerned with improving the status of women." Clinton said that Vassar and its six sisters have "a rich tradition of inspiring and educating women leaders across the world."

The partnership will begin officially this fall.

Announcing The Founder's Day Movie...

The Founder's Day committee announced on Twitter this morning that this year's post-fireworks screening will be Mary Poppins. A classy choice. And no doubt certain students will appreciate the trippy animated sequences.

Vassar Is Finalist In ZipCar Contest

Vassar is a finalist in the ZipCar Spirit Madness tournament, according to inside sources. Now we need to generate spirit by "liking" and commenting on the Vassar submission on the ZipCar Facebook page. Polls close this Friday at noon.

The winner gets a year supply of popchips, and maybe more importantly, bragging rights.

Spring Is Here(?)

Just when you thought it was time to break out the cut-offs and Sperrys, Mother Nature has hit has with yet another week of wintry mix, slushy quads, and treacherous paths. It may be the first day of spring, but spring hasn't quite sprung just yet. Isn't it great to be back in the Northeast?

Mads Gets Animated

Our friends at One Two Six Oh Four have given one of our posts the cartoon treatment. Maybe this is what Mads would look like if we had any drawing skills.

March 20, 2011

VSA Council To Discuss Structural Changes Tonight

The VSA will be having perhaps its most important meeting of the school year tonight, discussing "several constitutional changes," as President Mat Leonard '11 put it in an all-campus email. As we posted a few weeks ago, the VSA has been holding side meetings and communicating through documents about making major changes to the structure of Council. Proposed changes include:

  • Replacing house presidents with elected "senators"
  • Creating a second council body, which might include VSA org representatives
  • Enabling council members to receive class credit
  • Removing fund applications from council responsibilities
Readers' comments were varied. "I think this is a terrible idea," someone wrote. "The VSA hasn't done anything of substance this year and they're clearly getting desperate." Another reader disagreed, particularly with regards to the issue of house presidents: "I think this is a great idea. It will allow the House Presidents to actually focus on their Houses."

March 19, 2011

Exclusive: Vassar Finally Speaks About Mayor Scandal

The mayor scandal story continues to develop. In an exclusive statement from Public Relations, Jeff Kosmacher tells us that the AAVC's defense of Susan Osborne is consistent with the view of the college as a whole:

"The letter from the head of the AAVC speaks for the college. It was sent only to clarify that Vassar grants alumna and alumnus status to more than graduates of the college."

Update: "Shame on Vassar and its response" writes Victoria Balfour, who initially broke the story about Osborne. Check the comments section to see Balfour's exclusive response in full.

LA Times Profiles Multicultural Freshman

The LA Times profiled Margarita Lopez '14 yesterday about how she brings diversity to Vassar. Here is an excerpt:

"Speaking Spanish took her back to sixth-grade remedial English, when she was given books to read 'with just four words in them.' She remembered being made to feel dumb. 'I was mad at being bilingual,' she told me.

Of course, she was wrong to think that way. She sees that now, as a 19-year-old freshman at Vassar College in New York's Hudson Valley. Her roommates and friends sometimes hear her speaking Spanish — on the phone to her mother back in L.A., for example.

'That's so cool!' they say. 'You're so lucky you can speak two languages!' 'I wish I'd grown up bilingual!'"

Mayor Isn't First Person To Lie About Vassar Degree

It turns out that Boulder, Colorado mayor Susan Osborne isn't the first public figure to lie about getting a Vassar degree. Back in 1981, Washington Post reporter Janet Cooke won a Pulitzer Prize for what turned out to be a fake story. Not only did she lie about the supposedly true story, but Cooke also claimed to have graduated from Vassar, even though she had dropped out after one year. It ended up being Vassar that notified the Pulitzer committee of the lie and they withdrew the award. Soon after, Cooke resigned from the Post.

Although Vassar was quick to go public about a fake graduate in the '80s, the only school representative to comment on the current scandal is the Executive Director of AAVC, who defended the mayor. Victoria Balfour '77, who first broke the story about the mayor, has since criticized the AAVC for its defense.

We're waiting to hear back from College Relations for an official comment.

March 18, 2011

Exclusive: Mayor Whistleblower Disagrees With AAVC's Defense

Victoria Balfour '77, who first broke the story that mayor Susan Osborne had lied about graduating from Vassar, posted exclusively on Mads a letter that she sent to the AAVC disagreeing with its defense of Osborne:

The point of the Susan Osborne story is that she has deceived the public and lied on her government web page and a number of other places by stating that she has a BA from Vassar. This has nothing to do with whether Vassar considers her an alum once her class graduated. It's about lying to the public.

And as a journalist who has written for the New York Times, the Washington Post and who has caught famous people doing this sort of thing before - including a singer who claimed he had been nominated for a Pulitzer- you and Vassar are are sending the wrong message by not condoning Osborne's false statements.

Sorry- a public official who has lied about her educational credentials is not an alumna in good standing. I have heard from a large number of actual Vassar grads and faculty- as well as hundreds of strangers from around the country- thanking me for pointing out the hypocrisy and their disgust with Osborne.

Vassar would do well to make a statement expressing their disappointment in Osborne's false statement. Vassar grads and current students should know about not just the accomplishments that Vassar alums achieve, but their problems and mistakes.

Lying on your resume is not something you want future Vassar grads to be caught doing in the future.

- Victoria Balfour' 77"

Vassar's AAVC: Colorado Mayor Actually IS An Alumna

Did you see our post about a Colorado mayor who caused a scandal after she lied about graduating from Vassar? Now the AAVC is actually defending her, saying that she does technically count as a Vassar alumna. In a letter to the Daily Camera, which helped break the story about mayor Susan Osborne, Executive Director of AAVC Patricia Lichtenberg '90 writes:

"I am confirming that Susan Osborne ’66 is an alumna of Vassar College. Although Ms. Osborne did not complete her degree at Vassar, she was a matriculant here, a status that qualifies her to be a Vassar alumna once her class has graduated. Indeed, she is an alumna in good standing and we are proud to include her in the ranks of our more than 36,000 alumnae and alumni worldwide."

Mayor Lies About Vassar Education, Causes Scandal

Believe it or not, the blogosphere is actually abuzz with a scandal involving the mayor of Boulder, Colorado who claimed to have graduated from Vassar even though she really didn't.

Victoria Balfour '77 (a true Vassar grad) broke the story after she was assigned to write an article about mayor Susan Osborne for the Vassar Alumnae/i Quarterly. Balfour found that Osborne had actually dropped out of Vassar her sophomore year and had in fact graduated from the University of Colorado. Osborne had made the claim on her personal Facebook page as well as in her official public profile, both of which have since been changed.

The mayor has come clean about the situation, stating, “I feel as though [Vassar is] where my allegiance is...The reality is it’s the college that I claim as my own. But my actual BA degree is from Boulder.”

As expected, the Quarterly has canceled its plans for an article on Osborne.

More here.

March 17, 2011

Student Going JYA To Japan Next Week

According to the Study Away office, there are currently no Vassar students studying abroad in Japan. There is, however, a student scheduled to begin a term there next week.

The student plans to go to Kyoto, which as alumni have written on the AAVC message board has been less affected.

Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department has raised the level of its travel advisory. "We do allow students to go to countries with travel warnings, but both the student and their parent must sign a waiver," a rep for the Study Away office exclusively tells Mads.

As with the Egypt protests earlier this semester, the Study Away office has procedures for dealing with students traveling to countries affected by natural disasters or dangerous political climates.

March 16, 2011

Vassar Community Responds To Japan Crisis

As announced in an all-campus email, the AAVC has set up a message board for students, parents, and alumnae/i to gather information about members of the Vassar community who may be affected by the current situation in Japan. There are currently 28 posts from all over the world, including California, New Zealand, Malaysia, and of course, Japan.

Writes one 2010 graduate: "Reporting in from an area of Japan that received around a 6.0. We lost power and some fences and rooves are damaged, but everything's okay. I don't know about tsunami damage towards the coast, but I know trains are running in Tokyo, so the majority of people there are probably doing fine."

And a 2007 graduate in Yokohama: "As far as I know, I and all the others at the Inter-University Center are safe. Shaken but safe. No phones, I don't think we have gas or hot water. Still feeling aftershocks 17 hours later."

Famous Foodies Mention Vassar

An AOL food blog posted a clip of Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern, both food experts, television celebrities, and former Vassar students. Around 0:35, Bourdain mentions that they both went to Vassar.

Lisa Kudrow Takes "Vassar Voices" On The Road

The traveling Sesquicentennial performance Vassar Voices is officially on the road this week with performances last Sunday in Los Angeles and on Thursday in San Fransisco.

According to Variety, Lisa Kudrow '85 hosted the LA event at the Getty Center. The performance also featured Alexa Alemanni, who played Don's secretary Allison on Mad Men and apparently is a Vassar alumna.

March 15, 2011

Check For Updates Soon!

Mads has been on Spring Break for the past week and a half, but the news never stops! Check back for updates soon!

March 4, 2011

Still Time To Submit To Betty's Plaque

The organizers of the memorial plaque for Betty Francis tell us that they have extended the deadline to submit your thoughts to Monday, March 21st.

March 2, 2011

Gender-Neutral Housing Again Making Headlines

Rutgers University is the latest school to decide to offer gender-neutral housing, but their circumstances are more significant: the decision probably has to do with the tragedy of Tyler Clementi, a gay Rutgers student who committed suicide a few months ago.

Students do not have to proclaim their sexual preference to request the gender-neutral housing option. Only 100 students (of 28,000) will be offered the option.

Vassar has offered gender-neutral housing since Spring 2009.

Gummer In The News

New York Magazine has an article on Grace Gummer '08, who is currently in rehearsals for the Broadway revival of Arcadia. She will be acting alongside Billy Crudup.

Gummer's alma mater gets a brief shout out: "At Vassar, she majored in art history and Italian, but also joined a theater co-op that required actors to work as crew and vice versa."

March 1, 2011

BREAKING: Of Montreal To Play The Spring Concert

ViCE announced moments ago that of Montreal will be playing this semester's annual Spring concert on April 23rd. The org made the announcement on Facebook and Twitter.

The Knocks, who confirm the event on their MySpace page, will be opening.

Previous Spring concerts include M.I.A., Deerhunter, and the Flaming Lips. Last year's concert was the biggest ever, taking place at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in downtown Poughkeepsie. This year for the first time, ViCE polled the student body with eight choices of acts. Of Montreal came in fourth place with 233 votes.

Obama To Honor Meryl Streep '71

Ok, we try not to do too much Meryl news, but this deserves a post: The White House announced today that President Obama will be awarding Vassar's most famous alumna with a National Medal of Arts.

According to CBS, the press release states: "Streep is being honored 'for her unrivaled contributions to American arts and culture as an actress of the stage and screen.'"

She is among twenty honorees, including James Taylor and Quincy Jones.

What We're Watching: Student-Faculty Basketball Game

The official Vassar YouTube account just uploaded a brand new six minute video covering this semester's Student-Faculty Basketball Game. The clip features interviews with the players and has footage from practices and the big game.

The best quote comes from Professor Jarow: "I'm like LeBron James and Magic Johnson rolled into one. And Dennis Rodman."

Award-winning filmmaker Alex Camilleri '10 edited the clip.

Vassar Gala In NYT's "Evening Hours" Section

Photographs from Vassar's Sesquicentennial gala at the Time Warner Center made it into The New York Times' "Evening Hours" section a few days ago. The celebs include Cappy, Dean Roellke, Dean Chenette, Ethan Zohn,

Exclusive: Campus Dining Responds To UpC Controversy

The UpCCafé YouTube account disappeared on Sunday after employees posted a controversial video called "UpC Under Attack." Now, Campus Dining has given has an exclusive statement in response to the videos and their removal.

"We did ask the student's to remove the clips," says Senior Director of Campus Dining Maureen King. "They didn't mean any harm by them but I didn't feel they portrayed an image of the UpCCafé that we are looking for. I also didn't think that was good use of student employee time either."

The quirky UpC Twitter account is still online.