March 24, 2011

Did You Know That Vassar Is Haunted?

[Pratt House, via]
A new article from Hudson Valley Hauntings focuses on Vassar, stating that there are ghosts in Main Building and Pratt House, home to Dean Roellke. From the article:

"Legend has it that [Matthew Vassar] haunts the fourth floor of Main, as some students and college employees have claimed to have seen a man dressed in 19th Century attire. In addition, sightings of Matthew Vassar have been reported on the campus grounds, usually around dusk or dawn."

"Main is also said to be haunted by a few former students. Those currently attending Vassar have claimed to see young women dressed in Victorian attire on both the third and fourth floors of the building. Aside from actual sightings, there have been reports of footsteps and doors opening and closing when clearly no one else was around."

"Perhaps the most famous ghost on campus is the spirit who resides within Pratt House... The finicky spirit is alleged to only pester people who are visiting, leaving students and faculty alone. Individuals who have spent the night in Pratt House have claimed to have had all sorts of ghostly encounters, including hearing voices, being touched, and even being shaken awake."

The Hudson Valley is known for its haunted tales. Filmmaker Tim Burton, who lived in Poughkeepsie for some time, once said, "You can go to lots of places in Europe and feel haunted, but the Hudson Valley's got a very strong feeling of that, too."