March 19, 2011

Exclusive: Vassar Finally Speaks About Mayor Scandal

The mayor scandal story continues to develop. In an exclusive statement from Public Relations, Jeff Kosmacher tells us that the AAVC's defense of Susan Osborne is consistent with the view of the college as a whole:

"The letter from the head of the AAVC speaks for the college. It was sent only to clarify that Vassar grants alumna and alumnus status to more than graduates of the college."

Update: "Shame on Vassar and its response" writes Victoria Balfour, who initially broke the story about Osborne. Check the comments section to see Balfour's exclusive response in full.


Victoria Balfour said...

Um, Jeff: No.

This issue is about Osborne falsely claiming on her government website that she had a B.A. from Vassar.

FYI: after the Boulder Daily Camera came out with their editorial that criticized Osborne for her false statements, sharp-eyed readers discovered ANOTHER site where Osborne claimed to have a BA from Vassar. Check out her full bio over at Earth Guardians, where she is on the council of advisors.

Shame on Vassar and its response.

Susan said...

As a Vassar graduate '79 and a Vassar Parent '10, I find it inexcusable that the college can defend and promote the practice of falsifying credentials. If the Executive Director of the AAVC wants to clarify Susan Osborne's status as an alum, that is one thing. To say that the AAVC is proud of her is not only unnecessary but insulting to those of us who really do have an A.B. from Vassar.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Though I can't say for certain, I'm willing to bet that were Osborne a Republican, VC would have taken a much stronger stance on the issue.

Osborne's statements were clearly misleading, if not fully lies. Vassar should not diminish the value of its degree, nor condone that type of behavior, through such a feckless response.

Anonymous said...

*And yes, as indicated by my handle, I am a big Democrat. But I have a distate for double standards.

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