March 18, 2011

Mayor Lies About Vassar Education, Causes Scandal

Believe it or not, the blogosphere is actually abuzz with a scandal involving the mayor of Boulder, Colorado who claimed to have graduated from Vassar even though she really didn't.

Victoria Balfour '77 (a true Vassar grad) broke the story after she was assigned to write an article about mayor Susan Osborne for the Vassar Alumnae/i Quarterly. Balfour found that Osborne had actually dropped out of Vassar her sophomore year and had in fact graduated from the University of Colorado. Osborne had made the claim on her personal Facebook page as well as in her official public profile, both of which have since been changed.

The mayor has come clean about the situation, stating, “I feel as though [Vassar is] where my allegiance is...The reality is it’s the college that I claim as my own. But my actual BA degree is from Boulder.”

As expected, the Quarterly has canceled its plans for an article on Osborne.

More here.


Victoria Balfour said...

Here's a link to an editorial in the Boulder paper about Osborne's "misstating" her credentials.

"Mads Vassar" said...

Ms. Balfour, any reaction to the AAVC's defending of Susan Osborne? (See the next post.)

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