March 28, 2011

Need Help Moving And Storing Dorm Stuff?

Here is a message from the Vassar student rep for BoxMyDorm, a college storage and shipping service.

"BoxMyDorm is run by a company called MadTravelers, a business started five years ago by college students who wanted to take the stress out of moving in and out. BoxMyDorm will pick your stuff up, store it (or ship it home), and then re-deliver it when school starts back up again. All of their packages come with insurance out the butt, and they'll ship your stuff pretty much anywhere. Also, if you sign up before April 1st, you get a free move-out kit! The code for the kit is Freekit2011.

They're online at, but there's also a BoxMyDorm - Vassar page on Facebook, and anyone who has any questions, comments, or concerns can email me at nobogdonoff[at]!"

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MelBrandle said...

When moving, I prefer to use portable storage units that make the moving-out phase a lot lesser hectic. I will not loathe the entire process either. They arrive right at your doorstep thus you just need to pack and unload once, and not repeatedly like you have to at a storage unit which is the norm. Yes you would still need help from friends or relatives but the workload will not be that huge. That way, more people will be more willing to lend a helping hand.