March 24, 2011

Student Seminars Playing It Safe This Semester

The college announced the options for student seminars yesterday, and to our disappointment there is nothing as scandalous as the quickly-canceled Language of Ladies course a few semesters ago. Instead, students can learn how to draw cartoons, play rock-paper-scissors, or be a drag queen. Here is a summary of the seminars offered:

Irish fiddle: "Intertwining both cultural context and actual musical experience, this course will present a comprehensive overview of the tradition, its history, and its role in society today."

Neil Gaiman: "This course will focus on finding the common thread that links the works of Gaiman in an attempt to understand the workings of one of today’s most talented minds."

Cartooning Workshop: "Introduces ways to draw cartoony facial (and body) expressions simply and effectively."

Barbershop Singing: "This course aims to teach all interested about the art and craft of barbershop harmony."

Why the Divide: "Why the divide between the natural sciences and the humanities? This mini course is going to challenge our understanding of the liberal education and nuance the role of natural sciences and humanities in our everyday lives."

Rock, Paper, Scissors: "We want to teach this course to spread our joy and knowledge of the wonderful game that is rock-paper-scissors." (But will they teach you how to dress like rock-paper-scissors?)

The Art of Drag: "This course aims to educate and entertain by exploring the dazzling arts of illusion, performance, and character."

Update: Sorry, we missed one. An Introduction to Crowley Thoth Tarot: "This course is designed to give you a more in-depth look into the art of the tarot by exposing you to this more profound and scientific side of the tarot."