March 30, 2011

Students Are Storming The Capital Today

[Capitol building, Flickr]
According to Facebook and several email chains, Vassar student activists are teaming up with SUNY students to "storm the capital" today in protest of budget cuts to state and other educational institutions.

Students left from Main at 10am for New Paltz, where they boarded a bus to Albany. They will spend the night in the Capitol and leave tomorrow afternoon.

The state announced the budget cuts on Sunday. "We must show up in force at the Capitol and peacefully but passionately have our voices heard. We must make clear that this budget is unacceptable to students and must be stopped," states another Facebook event page for the protest. What do the protesting students plan to do? "We will...march into the Capitol, to the top of the Million Dollar Staircase, where we will drop banners, hold a press conference, conduct a student speak out and peacefully remain in the Capitol with our allies as long as it takes to have our voices heard and stop the cuts."


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