March 16, 2011

Vassar Community Responds To Japan Crisis

As announced in an all-campus email, the AAVC has set up a message board for students, parents, and alumnae/i to gather information about members of the Vassar community who may be affected by the current situation in Japan. There are currently 28 posts from all over the world, including California, New Zealand, Malaysia, and of course, Japan.

Writes one 2010 graduate: "Reporting in from an area of Japan that received around a 6.0. We lost power and some fences and rooves are damaged, but everything's okay. I don't know about tsunami damage towards the coast, but I know trains are running in Tokyo, so the majority of people there are probably doing fine."

And a 2007 graduate in Yokohama: "As far as I know, I and all the others at the Inter-University Center are safe. Shaken but safe. No phones, I don't think we have gas or hot water. Still feeling aftershocks 17 hours later."


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