March 28, 2011

VSA Council Votes Down Major Constitutional Changes

In a five and a half hour meeting last night, the VSA Council voted down Article VII of the proposed constitutional changes. The article would have created a "senator" system. Fourteen members voted in favor and nine opposed, but the article needed 2/3 majority.

Most house presidents - whose position would drastically change if the article passed - voted no. All of the executive board voted yes.

Many non-council member students showed up after a Facebook group urged students to voice their opinions.

"There's some talk of a student-body referendum to implement the revision, but the hurdles are steep and it could be profoundly destabilizing to the upcoming elections," a council member who was present at the meeting tells Mads.

The article proposing a separate "Residence Council" was not voted on.
"It pretty much depended on the Senator vote, although there is some interest in creating something similar to the residence council despite the absence of a senator system," the insider says.

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