March 20, 2011

VSA Council To Discuss Structural Changes Tonight

The VSA will be having perhaps its most important meeting of the school year tonight, discussing "several constitutional changes," as President Mat Leonard '11 put it in an all-campus email. As we posted a few weeks ago, the VSA has been holding side meetings and communicating through documents about making major changes to the structure of Council. Proposed changes include:

  • Replacing house presidents with elected "senators"
  • Creating a second council body, which might include VSA org representatives
  • Enabling council members to receive class credit
  • Removing fund applications from council responsibilities
Readers' comments were varied. "I think this is a terrible idea," someone wrote. "The VSA hasn't done anything of substance this year and they're clearly getting desperate." Another reader disagreed, particularly with regards to the issue of house presidents: "I think this is a great idea. It will allow the House Presidents to actually focus on their Houses."


Pam said...


Just to CLARIFY... please don't get all of your information about the changes here! All presidents and Mat should be sending out copies of the changes and they DO NOT include most of the things listed in this post. No second body, no class credit, and presidents aren't being "replaced", per se. Read for yourselves and SHARE YOUR OPINIONS!

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